Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


Just spotted @Cole_Collins near KLAX also! Also spotted @MarkAviation


Spotted @MishaCamp at KSFO taking off.


There’s no place for levitation on an aviation forum. Puns, either.


Spotted @DeerCrusher at KNSI doing Pattern work.


Sorry @Chief305, I had no idea you were on final when I spawned in.


Spotted this handsome man at KSFO.

Landing was 10/10



Spotted @DeerCrusher and @Chief305 in front of me


About to begin a flight from San Juan to Miami with my brother @Jose_Oscana.


Nice flight with @Chief305. Ran into @LaroseRoyce. Hope I didn’t steal 28R from you. I was gonna move over to 28L after I heard your call but you beat me to it. And can’t forget @Jose_Oscana. (Not pictured here) And I’m out. Good night peeps! 😴


Always great flying with my good friend, looks like he will go to sleep, and keep dreaming about him crushing deers with his ERJ-145!


I spotted @RTG113 and @IFP-Aviation at KSFO as I departed to Reno (KRNO).


Spotted @ItzEhs en route to Los Angeles


Spotted @ElCapitan going to Gatwick over the Atlantic.


Thought I had my magic cloak on, guess not :P


Spotted the one and only @Koby_Thomas while controlling SFO earlier.


Spotted @Etrain over the Atlantic, heading to EHAM.


I don’t think that’s how it works.


Saw @SwissCrow last night.


Spotted @DeerCrusher, just before I started to pushback (later on interupeted by anonoying reality issues)


Spotted @Cole_Collins, @Lucas_Piedra, and @LaroseRoyce