Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


I saw you in a MD-11 heading to PANC 😉

@The_Initial_Virus spotted while controlling at KLAX 😉


Please don’t tag developers


Who tagged a dev, HawaiiPilot?


No it was @ItzEhs (he deleted his message)


@Grizpac in Jackson Hole Wyoming


Very quick pattern work…surprised you were able to get a picture of me. Perhaps I’ll go back there while my son finishes up his swim lesson…


@Trio is at KSEA right now. Parking a C750 at a passenger gate


That is almost always a given. 👌


Spotted @Woods At San Diego switching aircraft for some reason. I don’t know really…


Spotted the elusive @Maxmustang heading into YSSY the other day


@THE-OP. MaxSez. saw you sucking thru the air Down Under. Missed a pic. Following the 3 Amigos’ into Sydney, saw you flitting about in the Sydney Northern Approaches interfering with the inbound flow. The Amigos included the Doe Assassin and his Entourage with those pretty color “I’m somebody” flashes, They where flying those screw through the air recip reginals. Had to watch them, there Formation discipline was atrocious, Regards


@Pilothodge80 controlling Southern California Approach assisting me with my diversion to KONT today after I ran out of fuel on my way to LAX.


Spotted @DeerCrusher in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.


@Bobby @DeerCrusher

A nice quick hop over flight with these two :)


Emil seems like I will be following you to KSLC.

Also, @DeerCrusher and @Danman. Nice taste. Citation X. 👌

Edit: Someone named Emil. I can confirm, defiantly not as cool as @emil.


Probably another guy, unfortunately. Haven’t been flying today. :)
He’s definitely not as cool as me, though


Beginning to not like this thread just because of all the duplicate usernames. :/


Spotted @MishaCamp landing at KSAN while I departed to KLAX. Great landing!


Maybe Misha used APPR? 🤷🏽‍♂️

But in all seriousness, Misha’s had amazing landings before.


Spotted @MishaCamp departed from KLAS