Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


Spotted @Joseph_Spinner inbound to KLAX after I was on the ground


Spotted @Swiss while I was landing at KLAX.




Did you see me waving?


Yes sir, did you see my take off at Melbourne?


No, I missed that at Melbourne.


@Chris_S and @MishaCamp heading into Auckland


Nice landing!



@DeerCrusher @Levet @Jose_Oscana @Brandon_Sandstrom @LaroseRoyce @Tyler_Shelton @KSEEaviation @Reedgreat @Auzzi I found All of you in a 3 hour flight!


Spotted @chief305 going trans-atlantic


Spotted @AllegiantAir doing patterns around EDDF, with @Trio as ATC.


Spotted @Cbro4 while I landed safely with no gears on casual Gear broke.


yes, yes. the gear [broke] =]


@Levet taking off from Narita I hope this was you

(Pretend this is a Jetstar Japan A320)


Yup, RJAA-KATL B77L. Safe travels ;)


I had a nice flight today, first time trying to fly one of SIA’s LCC subsidiary, Scoot in their 787-9 livery. This is my first time to fly the 787 in Yellow Fella since the release of Global. I was flying TR898 which is one of Scoot’s 5th freedom flights, on TPE-NRT section 😉

Spotted Members

Anyway, I spotted

  • @Wyn2x flying to VHHH (Spotted him around Fukuoka)
  • @mbmhwue148 flying to EDDF (Spotted him while taking off)
  • @RTG113 on RJAA Parking

Also, thanks to


for the services in RJAA 😊


About to run a 717 around northeast US for a bit. Hope to see some of you :)


Thanks for spotting me :)

It was amazingly busy there, but everyone was waiting patiently ☺️


I spotted you, if that counts? I was in a Dash 8 to RJBB. Interesting landing to say the least…


Thanks for spotting me. Yup that was me enjoying the view of Japan. Happy Flying!