Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


Thank You. Got a long day ahead of me. Heading back to Jakarta later and then off to HKG with Cathay ;)

Safe Flight Guys and Happy Landings 🛬


Spotted you guys too (@Jose_gil and @MacGyver aswell) just southwest from my radar screen ;)


@AviationJack at LGA 7 hours before an event. He landed on the grass,then preformed a go around because he didn’t want to get a speed violation.


Spotted @HawaiiPilot10 descending to Perth!!


@Captain_JR Spotted at my favourite place to visit for real and on the sim - Bali. After landing and parking up for a brief top up, took a quick snap before turning around and heading back to Kuala Lumpur.


Haven’t been spotted in this thread for a long time :)
Thank you ! I’ve spotted some IFC pilots on my departure that day

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spotted @Mika a while ago heading to Perth.


Really? I think that I didn’t see you… this is @Joost3008’s landing at YPPH!


I was on my way to Jakarta when you were north west of Australia, I’m not surprised you didn’t see me.


I’m west of Bandung, in a 737-900 BBJ


Well, we’ve all got to have some fun every once in a while…

So I chose to intercept @Delta319 into KDEN.

I also saw @Wattsup_jet.


Thanks @Adam_Macaulay for controlling my home airport today, WIII! :D

Also thanks to @Neeson52 and @BaldEagle for accompanying me doing patterns at WIII. It was fun!

Spotted @ouzi aswell ;)


Yeah, some great fun. I have to maintain my 400 landings/90 days so this was a great session for me :)


U were in front of me the whole way in


I’d guess you have spotted me 😁. Was just landed at TJQ


Just spotted @Takeoff_Aviation arriving at KMYR on my way to UUEE. Hope you had a safe landing!


Impressive patterns. Thanks for joining and good work controlling @Adam_Macaulay. Our patterns were really tight and you did a great job keeping us in control :)


Nice. Thanks for spotting. I was actually just departing for a 48 hour flight around the globe (LTBA to LTBA…48hrs and 15 minutes to be exact) in the A380, landed twice to refuel.


I spotted @MacGamer04 @Tom_Grollman @ouzi and Laura at KDFW, then @AviationJack a bit east of the airport. @mwe2187 controlling


Heres you departing rwy 17R (?) 😉