Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2

Something weird happened today when I spotted Laura. Look what happened:

I went to Infinite Flight and found Laura.

Look at her Grade:

Then, I went on my phone and opened Infinite Tracker. I found her, but look at her grade now. (this was within 2 minutes)

I don’t know if this is a glitch, but she dropped from Grade 5 to Grade 1 in 2 minutes. How is this possible???

It must’ve been her little brother!!! :O



Guauaua funny guy

😂😂 LMAO 😂😂

Basically my little brother in a nutshell :)

Definitely flight testing around places. Yeah… XCUB.

That is just another one of Laura’s accounts.

Yes she has multiple…

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Oh Ok! Didn’t know

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wonder what this could be…

@kate_russell as SAVIOR lolol

EDIT: also see @globalflyer1 at O’Scare


@Linkindany from ATL to AUH on an Etihad A388
@Theo (I think) from ATL to BOS on a JetBlue A322

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Hey there @Alexander_Torres1

Hi Tyler.
You’re a bit off your FPL…

Hey man…

that’s called Liveflight not mapping a VOR (very commonplace)

I was being sarcastic buddy. I know LiveFlight is not 100% accurate.

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lolol tis true

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Saw lot of people while controlling today, including @Delta319 and @Kyle.r24

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With 1 reply left, I have created part 3

it’s my honor to finish off Part 2 of Community Members Spotted on Live with the 10,000th post lol 😂

KSEA at 2019-05-26T02:00:00Z


Hello there @Alexander_Torres1 and @Danny_Edward_Clarke! 👋🏻👋🏻


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