Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


Part 1 reached 10,000 posts.

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Ouch beat me to it by 10 seconds, anyways. @Darth_Sidious spotted at KPUB taking off in his 787 for Denver

EDIT: first?


I haven’t flown with Delta Airlines the 787, nor in the Denver region for a while, so I thought I might give it a go today!


Spotted @DeerCrusher in Denver.


Keep it on topic. I’ve cleaned this up already. Make all 10,000 posts count. 😉




@DeerCrusher @International


No one has ever spotted me before, so my Callsign is VH-TAC


@QR01 Nice landing there dude at KEGE

@elisua Nice seeing you behind my turboprop, I was the Dash8, United 570 in front of you at KASE


That has to be the first post closed for that reason that’s insane!


@IFAE_AF_WILDEYE Flew right above me in denver.


Not my best. But thank you. Nice seeing you too. Hopefully next time I’m not in a 757😂😂


Yeah I saw ya @Cpt_Chris


Ah yes. Definitely remember you. Thanks for sharing! 😄
It was a nice line up!


I was that small GA aircraft right in the middle of that radar pic. Traffic was insane at KASE, but was so fun.


Yeah ! I remembered You, your callsign was “V-NEO” or something like that… You were flying around Denver in the 208 !


Spotted @Tim_B @LachyRobertson @DeerCrusher and @Nichalas_Petranek in the Denver Region on Expert. A bit bumpy, but the weather was good enough for the Roaring Fork Visual into Aspen.


Saw @Panther crashing into the ground on Expert

@Aussie_Wombat and @Fynn



piloting in and out of YSCB


Shhhhhhhhhhh. Keep quiet man 😂