Community members names on IF

I made this topic so we all know who everyone is on live. To add to this list, just click the pencil.

Narroc_wim - Narroc-wim
Godzilla_Gamer - Godzilla Gamer
Hamza_Adan - IFATC Hamza Adan
Riley_Dunshea - Riley Dunshea
Bulba - MustacheBulba
The_simulation_nerd - the simulation nerd
ItsPerses - Spoonerman
HV9690- IFAE-IFHK-HV9690
Ds2001- IFATC Dylan NL
GordenW- GordenW HopperVA
CaptainDawud- TFS-IFATC CaptDawud
dush19 - Dushyanth
Captain_DJ - IFATC Captain DJ
CJ_Sapan - CJ Sapan
hmkane - IFForums-hmkane
Szta_Jonathan - James bond
Misha - MishaCamp
Ice- IceBlue
B767fan - B767fan
Patrick_U - PatrickU
Belfast_spotter-Belfast spotter
Aviationluver- Aviationluver (Display name. Call-sign changes regularly)
Caleb2003148-Air Canada 101 or Maple 101
_keithjames99-Name: IFSIM keithjames99 Callsign:IFIA215
tranquil_skyflyer - Callsign: G8KH Display Name: Jacob Samson
nuoneswars-name: Callsign:(Airliner)11
Display name:nuoneswars
Rexton - Rexton - Callsign: N10SR


I dont think its very needed

I’m Harrison on IF Live
Btw: only regulars can use Wikis

No, Basics and up can write in wikis. However, only regulars can make a post a wiki.

I’m a member and I can’t do it

Um…that’s wierd. I heard that TL1+ can write in wikis, but this forum might of changed that…

The rules Jeff Atwood put on Discourse Meta are old

I’m James bond on IF most of the time or Jonathan S

Mine is IFATC-TFS CaptDawud


I cant edit the thing. But my IF and forum name is exactly the same. Yunkeru

I am Air Canada 101

From the inauguration of Singapore Airlines VA, it will forever be: IFSIAVA-NatIsrael972

Someone add me,
Name: keithjames99
Callsign: IFIA215

I am

I am the chosen one for the C172
Btw I’m TheRedeemer of IF

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So if someone’s name is Who I Am, it means I found you? Right?

IFATC Bavavia

not Air Bavaria! (People often don’t realize that)

IFFG-Alexei. Call signs depend, but either N4AG, VH-ALX ir VH-AEX for private flights