Community members in casual server

Does anyone in the community fly in casual server I’m always at sanfrancisco international

People mostly switch servers =/, although I fly at Denver casual sometimes


Hardly ever , unless I’m doing a test flight of a new aircraft.


I never do casual…


I do occasionally for events or other special activities.

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I’ll be in Casual every now and then. Sometimes it’s fun to let loose a little when there is no traffic.


I only fly casual right now out of KSAN. You can look for me there.

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I’ll look for you


Why do you fly casual because there is no traffic when you could jut fly solo?

Ok I’ll be on infinite flight soon

No XP or flight time then on solo … ;)

I got to grade 3 on casual server by landing all the time

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Only in Big Bear VA events.

I’m on casual quite a bit, seeing my love for fighters and risky maneuvers…I’m in SFO most of the time.

Me too I was in a jet last night

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F22 raptor

I’m on infinite flight right now my online I’d or call sign is infinite flight2017

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Which server and region?

Casual and sanfrancisco international

What’s your name on live