Community Manager Appreciation Day

Hey gang!

Today is Community Manager Appreciation Day! Our community wouldn’t be what it is without @Tyler_Shelton and @MishaCamp leading the way. Thank you also to our incredible mods for all of the relentless and often thankless jobs they do here.

Let’s show our thanks to these superb humans!


You absolutely hit the nail on the head, thank you so much to them!

They have made this forum an amazing place, and their hard work with Infinite Flight is unprecedented!


Sure! Thank you, @MishaCamp and @Tyler_Shelton and every other community manager for making the community what it is today!


I think Jason hit the nail on the head here, Tyler and Misha’s work within the community is unparalleled, and their commitment to making the forum a better place should be appreciated. For Tyler, I cannot thank him enough for his hard work with IFATC and changing the lives of people around the globe, and I wish all the staff and moderators that make this forum possible good health, wellness, and peace.

However, I do want to give a shoutout in particular to Seb and Cameron, and after the issues we’ve been having recently with the TTS and everything, I am ever so grateful for their hard work in putting the community first and working relentlessly to fix the issue in a timely manner. I cannot thank Seb and Cameron, as well as the rest of the development and support team, for their efforts in making the Infinite Flight experience second to none in regards to mobile flight sims.

To all the mods, staff, and community members, thank you. Please stay healthy, and most importantly, stay kind.


How about on Wednesday the 27th at 5:00 PST, we all stop using the IFC for 5 mins so they can take a snack break they have been wanting to take for the past 5 years but haven’t been able to due to the mishaps here?


Forum is an very nice and welcoming place thanks to Misha and Tyler Shelton and many more people aswell ! Thank you for what you do. Never seen an community such as good as this one. Always so kind , helpful , and friendly !

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Thank you to the entire staff team! The community is what truly sets Infinite Flight apart from the majority of other sims in my opinion. This place wouldn’t be what it is today without all of your continuous hard work and dedication. Thank you Tyler and Misha, keep up the great work! We appreciate everything you do.


From one Tyler to another Tyler, from one Pingu fanboy to another… thanks for all you guys do for us. This community has really been what’s keeping me composed over the past two weeks, I’m really glad I can come here with any questions or concerns I have. Thanks @Tyler_Shelton and @MishaCamp . 😊


Thank you to EVERYONE! All your hard work is greatly appreciated.

For me, personally, it’s been a pleasure getting to know and interact with Tyler and Misha. They are both amazing leaders.

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Why thank you

If I said “it’s been a pleasure getting to interact with Tyler”, it means I was talking about Tyler Shelton…

jkjk, you’re a great kid too Tyler Pingu


Thanks to all of our mods 😁

@DeerCrusher likes to hit deer with his truck. This is how we get meat that we need to survive. @Marc produces some of the finest chocolate 👌 @JoshFly8 gives us reading material with his poems. @naro likes Mad Max. @Tyler_Shelton gives us ATC, which some people here can’t live
without. @MishaCamp give us insane hair colors every month 😎

@schyllberg is the dark lord, piloting his deathstar around IF. @AdamCallow’s country flag has feet on it, so thats cool.

@Declan can survive upside-down?

@Chris_S keeps us under control. Without him we would be in ruins 😂

@tomthetank likes tanks and people named tom.

@moderators are amazing 😁


For me Tyler has helped me so much! He’s become both a leader and a mentor for me at the same time. He’s what inspired me to become interested in becoming an ATC IRL.
Continue your awesome work mate, and congratulations :)


Thank you! For your continued dedication and support to lead us to where we are with 40,000 Community members tons of Active VA’s. Thank you -Alina_Bridges

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I want to say Thank You to Everyone on the Staff and Manager team!! They are the most nicest and helpful people I know! Especially @MishaCamp @Laura

Happy Community Manager Day @Tyler_Shelton and @MishaCamp. Thanks a lot for what you’ve done for this actual community. This goes also to the mods, who works hard to get the community safe and kind

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@Tyler_Shelton has helped me a lot with IFATC and the IFC, and I appreciate all the work you do! I want to thank all the moderators and staff for helping the community! It has been a great experience!

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I don’t like snakes, I just like Mad Max.

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Thanks for the info 😂

I agree! I might as well mention what I’m thankful for in both of them.

Tyler: Thank you for trusting and having faith in me to train and supervise within the amazing community you’ve built up, IFATC. It’s where I spend the majority of my days, and I’m very honored to have the position I do now, all thanks to you! You’re the lifeline of what IFATC is today, along with many other things around the community, such as videos, various types of tutorials, and other miscellaneous matters.

Misha: Thanks for all of the amazing events you host, and the rest of the tasks you work on around here, it doesn’t go unnoticed! I dearly enjoy participating and sometimes controlling your flash flights, as well as the amazing FNFs. Keep up the amazing work!

Can’t forget about our moderators! Here’s some things I’m greatful for:

@naro: Thank you so much for promoting me to TL3. I’ve loved every minute that I’ve had the priveledge to help out as a regular around the community. Also a big thank you for furthering my passion and aspirations of possibly becoming an ATC! That one night where a few of us were together and got into that conversation about how ATC works in real life was very meaningful, I sincerely appreciate it.

@JoshFly8: You, as of 6 or so hours ago, promoted me to an ATC Trainer. Words cannot express my appreciation for deciding that I was worthy of such a promotion. As you once said, we all may make you want to rip out your hair, but at the end of the day, we all appreciate what you do around the community and what you do in IFATC. Keep it up.

@DeerCrusher: It’s been great fun talking and overall just bonding lately. Thanks for all the help with my random inquiries and for always being online when I need a moderator. I majorly respect what you do to help out around the community. It must be overwhelming, haha.

@Declan: Of course I had to tag you, you’re a great recruiter. Thanks for the work you put into IFATC and around the community, keep up the great work.

And to the rest of the moderators on behalf of the entire community:

We respect and value your work around here!

Thank you, wishing you all a safe 2021.