Community Manager Appreciation Day

I know its a bit late (better late than never), but today is Community Manager Appreciation Day! I just wanted to shout out all the moderators and staff that keep the IFC going! Without you guys this forum wouldn’t be the same. Keep up the good work! :)

Feel free to show your thanks to mods and staff by writing them a message below!


Well, I certainly didn’t know that that was a thing, but definitely yes, thanks to all the mods for keeping this community a great place to be (especially seb :)


Yes, all of them do a hell of a job keeping this forum from going out of control.


Very nice job every single week with the schedules, very appreciated by all here on the community, you keep IFATC running nicely, and you help moderate this community, a true leader, and truly earn the title of “ATC Manager”


Outstanding tutorials, hell of a job on all of them, I’ve learned a lot from you and you truly are the community bad ass!


Nice guy, my father, mentor, the guy who doesn’t want me to fail, the guy who made Chief305, I love this man right here, I consider him blood, he has given me so much, stuck his neck out for me way too many times, that is what you call family.


You do a lot for the community in terms of IFATC and dealing with kids, you are very appreciated by many here!

Sebastian Schyllberg

Very nice as long as you dont get on his bad side, Seb has a strong character, I really like that, he really keeps this community clean, in my honest opinion when it comes to speed Seb is the flash, before you even take a peek at the topic he is on it!


Funny, A Unicorn, and a guy that could put a smile on your face, or just make you die because he is too funny smh.

You’re good people Carson, I like you, and I’m sure everyone here does.


Carson’s nemesis 😈👀, Makes good airports, and a chill guy.


Nice chill guy from the Land Down Under, I like sam, he seems to always be in a good mood, I like that, keep spreading positive energy!


Where do I even start? This guy is a positive influence to everyone here, dont know about the crushing of poor innocent dears though 👀, seriously Matt we have gotten very close man and you’re a great friend, I know you’re always there for a chat or for a flight.


So, how many ghosting complaints?

These guys are fit for the job, they are there 34/7 and are professionals at what they do.

Cheers Team!


Carson barely had a reason 😂😂

Nicely written @Chief305 👍🏻


There’s only 24 hours in a day…

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In America, we have a holiday for everything. Anyway, thanks for all your great work mods! 👌

It goes to show that they’re always there when you need them and for whatever reason you need them 😊


MaxSez: I opened this Topic and heard a loud sucking sound! Then I reread the title and I understood why…then l read a few comments; Kid’s they say the darndest things …


I would like to give a shout out to all volunteers both in the VA world and behind the IF all the way back to the graphic designer’s who create what we see in game planes and the ground they do a great job with this especially the massive feet in technologic advancements of global on a 12 inch device (that’s exaggerated how ever cool) cheers to all of those along with the rest of the mods and staff we see keep pushing I would like to see xplane scared of this game.

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