Community Management: All The W's

Nice to read this.

Can I get a hold of Misha, those sound like some cool socks.

@anon82774985, @Luke_King-kong and @Vinne. You’re celebrities!


if your wondering about the socks @Butter_Boi

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did you mean @DutchPilot1??

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Great read!! IFC has been a huge part of what drew me to IF. A helpful and engaging community that I’ve enjoyed flying with multiple times. All under the watchful eye of moderators, technical staff and developers that have an active roll as leaders within the community.

Shout out to @schyllberg I was having a technical issue on my account last week and just reached out because I wasn’t sure where to go for help. Within an hour he had it resolved.


New category? cool! Very nice read!


Oh I just realized that this is in a new category

Hahahaha- Ugly old pfp- begone!

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Great Read! I love the new category!

I sure am 😉

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For the next blog post, could you give us an inside-scoop in how painting works? and what the potential is for some of us community artists to make some additions to the fleet of liveries?

Don’t turn this into another A350 debate thread. Like we already have like 100000 on this community.

Jokes aside, this article is very well put together, thanks for making it @MishaCamp.

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