Community Management: All The W's

Misha, awesome post love it. and to the rest of the team of IF including moderators, keep up the great work you do and keep pushing the limits !!!

Nicely done Misha, that’s a good blogpost.

I said this on multiple occasions already and I’ll say it again and again: The way Infinite Flight interacts with its community is very unique. In every aspect of the game, the community is always to be found. From events, to airport editing, to virtual airlines, and so on. That’s fantastic, you’re doing a really great job when it comes to community management.

It’s interesting to read the „business“ side of the story as of course not only us users benefit from this model but so do you as company on multiple levels.

It feels good to be a part of this community.



The engagement, the connection, the communication, us, users of the Infinite Flight Community have with the Infinite Flight LLC Moderators and Staff, is in all honestly, above and beyond any other community platform I’ve seen in my life.

Everything with how you get to on a human to human, friend to friend, level interaction with anyone here, no matter their tier, is one of many ways to break the barrier of having to always shy away from asking for assistance or questions.

The way the community as formed, for anything from asking general questions, to assistance in Infinite Flight or IFC, to suggesting new ideas and through a features request or contributing by spreading your knowledge and a helping hand.

In the end, I’m thankful to be a part of this community, I’m thankful for everyone who is here today, doing what can do to make Infinite Flight Community shine above all else. It’s lovely to see how the contributions everyone makes, shows result, and how from an Update is pushed to us users experiencing the final version to push out the last few hotfixes and the last bit is now in place, Welcome to Infinite Flight.

Thank You Misha for the wonderful Blogpost, it was truly interesting to read how the connection in this community really benefits everyone, in a win-win situation. I hope to see the current positive groth to continue as we move forward.


Thanks, interesting insight. @MishaCamp do you do this?

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Really interesting read!

I did indeed! Thanks for reading!


Cool article Jason and Misha!

Also this was funny:


I decided to search all the topics in the photo

Interesting read.

Where does one get hold of Misha socks? Asking for a friend 🤭


i may know…🎃🎃🎃🎃

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It is an honour and a privilege being here. #socksarentofftopic


I’ve seen many things but that’s the first time I’ve heard of a Sock Subscription. What a marvelous idea. Sign me up! 🧦

@MishaCamp I think the question “Where is the A350?” falls in line with one of the “W’s” and how staff deals with those avid flight simmers who ask that question. 😂

But I guess you somewhat addressed that in regards to responding with a simple emoji or something like that. lol. 'Twas a good read! Nicely done.


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We’re famous!!! :O


Nice to read this.

Can I get a hold of Misha, those sound like some cool socks.

@anon82774985, @Luke_King-kong and @Vinne. You’re celebrities!


if your wondering about the socks @Butter_Boi

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did you mean @DutchPilot1??

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Great read!! IFC has been a huge part of what drew me to IF. A helpful and engaging community that I’ve enjoyed flying with multiple times. All under the watchful eye of moderators, technical staff and developers that have an active roll as leaders within the community.

Shout out to @schyllberg I was having a technical issue on my account last week and just reached out because I wasn’t sure where to go for help. Within an hour he had it resolved.