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This is a very unusual feature request. I’m asking for a button linking directly to the Community be implemented inside of the Infinite Flight home screen. It would look something like this: (took me 30 seconds inside of Photoshop)

Easy to implement, and possibly overlooked. Do you want to see this feature?

  • Yes, this was overlooked and should’ve been implemented years ago!
  • Yes, I think this will be a nice addition
  • Maybe, not really a yes or a no
  • No, I don’t see the need for it
  • No, absolutely definitely, not. Useless idea

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It would be nice. I think the forum should be advertised more as it’s a great way to improve pilot and atc skills as well as connect with other users.


Great idea for those who are new, but personally I just never close the internet tab on my phone…

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Especially how there is an ATC command to “check tutorials on the forum.” If there was a direct link, from inside the app, then maybe the violator might learn something.


It was already advertised on the loading screen. And if you click on one of the events it takes you here.


But how are “noobs” meant to know that? Btw, clicking on an event opens up in your calendar, clicking on an announcement opens up the forums.

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Same thing, people can easily find it. Would still like the button added btw.


Very very nice idea.

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You know, when you enter any of the modes (solo, live, atc) you see a question mark on the top left which takes you to a page with a link to the support section of the community below. However, I do believe that a link to this community page should have a more prominent presence on the app though.

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I agree it would be cool if the developers would clearly add a link to the community. However, there are already some areas in the app where you can access the community (marked in red). Unfortunately they're often hidden or difficult to find/access.

![image](upload://aakSokOQopHXvGCYfcNUSYwfq4W.jpeg) ![image](upload://2GOFn1c5DbvQaBq2jYh7jOMM8LL.jpeg)

How can you say “years ago” if that community haven’t 2 years yet…?

As an exaggeration. Substituting for “I really, really want this!”

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