Community landing count distribution?

I was just about to ask:

“Does anyone know if there is a way to view the community landing count distribution, by number of pilots? In other words, number of pilots with, say, a hundred landings vs several hundred vs thousands vs over ten thousand, across the entire number of pilot landings?”

And then I thought the chances of being able to find an answer to this is probably not very high.

So I thought, for fun I’ll ask ChatGPT to see what “wild ideas” it might come up with. The answer:

"…To organize this estimation into a histogram frequency characteristic, I can group the categories into ranges and estimate the frequency of pilots falling into each range. For example:

  • Less than 100 landings: high frequency
  • 100 - 500 landings: moderate frequency
  • 500 - 1,000 landings: low frequency
  • 1,000 - 5,000 landings: very low frequency
  • 5,000 - 10,000 landings: extremely low frequency
  • Over 10,000 landings: very few pilots

Note that these estimates are based on my general understanding of Infinite Flight and may not reflect the actual distribution of pilots and their landing counts."

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Not that I’m aware of.

There used to be a leaderboard in-app which showed stuff like most XP, most flight time, etc…but it got removed.

Thanks. Yeah, I remember that leaderboard. And of course, the count number is still always available to look up for each individual pilot. But other than comparing manually, like doing a sample survey, I hadn’t thought of anything else (at least as far as a low effort method).

However, I think ChatGPT gave a pretty good answer even with the frequency description vagueness, considering the likely fragmented available info.

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It did give a good answer.

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So maybe could make some speculative generalizations?:

over 500 landings - experienced pilot
over 5000 landings - master pilot
over 10,000 - pleasantly insane :) (I’m in awe)

I dont believe so. Maybe thats in the works!

@BennyBoy_Alpha I only now just stumbled on this:

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That suffers from too much response effect though. Casual players aren’t really going to be putting themselves up there.

So you have to enter yourself into the listing?

Yeah, by username. The game used to have a built in leaderboard but no longer.

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Yep - I was excited initially when I saw the leaderboards, only to quickly realise that it’s based on community input.

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Probably one of the few things I wished they’d kept.

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I didn’t really understand the intput. You can input anybody? Or you have to link or enable your profile or something?

You can input anybody. Bit of an interesting method but yeah no verification is required (sorry @Moritz you’re now on the list).

Yes, I started using IF when that was still around. Through there was an bit of intimidation factor to be honest.

I put in my callsign but it said no user?

Put in your IFC username

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I see what you mean. I just entered yours:) Maybe it was there before…
Mine isn’t recognized. So I think I get why. Curious why the manual input was made necessary.

Hello, glad you like it, don’t hesitate if you have any suggestions. I’m glad you like it anyway!

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Rude, I’ll sue you for infringement of my personal landing count rights!

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