Community issues

Hey IFC,
I have noticed something that I see over and over again, typically when a question is asked (across multiple categories). What I see is that somebody (usually a TL2 or TL3) responds to a question with something like this:


Put your xxx in the correct format please, here is a link to it: (insert link)

I find this quite annoying, and I would like to see it stop if possible. Having a big hello at the top followed by a nit-picky observation probably makes the person asking the question feel dumb. I have experienced this myself, and it makes me feel exactly that, dumb and stupid for asking what seemed like an obvious question in the first place.

A lot of times the people coming to the community or people that use the community just to ask a simple question about IF or something like that will not want to be a part of a community that makes them look kind of dumb.

I suggest that the higher-ups answering questions should try to be helpful by responding with something more like this:

Hi there! The answer to your question is xxx. Hope this helps!

A nice low-key answer to the question might attract more people to the community, and would prevent frustration (after all, when you are a TL0 and you never use the IFC who really cares about correct format or whatever!).

Many users already answer kindly, but I just am trying to remind those who may not.
If a mod feels like this is unecessary, feel free to close, no offence taken


I understand that, but the person is probably just trying to give a suggestion. I’ve never seen a ‘hello’ that large though lol. If it’s an event, people are pretty picky about the title being like 122000NOV18 or something like that.

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I could PM some examples if you want

Yes they are, and a brand-new TL2 might be unfamiliar with that…



I try to be super cool with people specially new people when it comes to proper formatting


A lot of the time the only reason they’re writing that is because there is an actual guideline regulating exactly what the title needs to say, like in events.
I do agree that sometimes the way people go about it isn’t the kindest, but if you really do want to help out your tone will end up being somewhat nice.

At the end of the day, it has to get done by someone — hopefully in a kind way.


I believe you, but personally I’ve never seen a hello that large. Anyway, just make sure you check out the rules and regs for different sections because people are very picky :)


This has always been an issue that I have struggled with, and its really difficult to find the balance between professionalism and casual conversation. I personally disagree with the way some things are handled, the Trust Levels being one of them, as it is often difficult to explain in a reasonable manner. You will often try to explain to people how to do it, but without clear guidelines, some of the stuff just seems weird to say. I have found more comfort in attempting to address the user by their username and also give some context as to why certain rules are such. Often times the OP often doesn’t have a chance to respond with other questions as the thread will often be locked by that time. It’s difficult sometimes, but it is just something I have come to terms with.


I’ve also noticed that often times, a lot of the deal of hopping from TL2 to attempt to reach TL3 is trying to help people out. I used to [and still do] make a mistake of just shoving a thread into the replies that explains everything. Although it works, it just seems really out of touch with the people around you. You don’t feel as if any meaningful connection is made. I will often time attempt to put myself in the shoes of the other person and see what it is like for them, maybe I will also try to do some research in the persons account and the previous posting to try to estimate their age so I can provide a more thorough and appropriate response. I think this is very helpful in drafting out an informative response other than just shoving a link in there, and I will see many people attempt to reach a certain TL by just typing up one sentence or inserting a link that doesn’t help much, if at all. Other than encouraging others to change their practices over PM, there sadly isn’t much that can be done. Just hoping you will find what you need shouldn’t be the norm. I encourage all others to just attempt to get a grasp at the tone of the post, other than just offering a knee-jerk reaction with a link. Attempt to explain it to the user and go further in depth if need be.


I agree it really sucks when that happens. Thanks for telling everyone, is going to change the IF community for better!

Regards from Argentina!


I agree with this to an extent. I don’t think the incorrect formatting should go ignored - if you never correct it how will they learn? But I do think it should be delivered in a more kind, less bot-like way. For example “You know, I think this would be an awesome addition to the app! I’m so glad you posted this, but just something to keep in mind is that features are supposed to follow this format. Just thought I’d let you know. Good luck with your request. It has my vote! :)”


Thank you for this! I got asked to change my event title twice by 2 different regulars when another regular had already fixed it.


I agree, I try to answer questions from time to time, and I start off with things like “Hey Bro!” or “Hey Mate” or “Sup Man”. I worry though, sometimes I think, hmmm, I hope they don’t think I’m being sarcastic or anything, because that’s what my typical Out Back Australian self would say. 😅


At the end of the day, I get really upset at people who end up ruining someone’s event thread with a rude remark saying “I think that you posted this event too close to the event start time” or something of that sorts… Like give me a break - Either PM the person or don’t say anything at all!

Its their event! Let them run it as they wish!


Okay, not to point anyone out, but this is also an issue.

I get a feeling from this that is just very strange. Please, there is no need to create multiple replies with the same link. This goes for everyone. I’m pretty sure this also makes OP feel strange, he might have made a simple mistake. Put yourself in their shoes and think about it.


I definitely agree with you on that too. I have not really experienced this myself but I think it depends on the category the topic is in. We want new folks to feel welcome here and I agree that a more casual approach should do the trick. They could still tell them the correct format, but it is all about the tone. If the tone is “Hi you need to do this and this” and that’s all they write, of course people are going to be turned off by that. It does depend on the person though. For some, they might not be bothered by it, but for others, of course.


Just for future reference, community issues (general speaking) should be brought up with moderators. They will look into it and will make changes as needed

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I’ve found that this community can also be kinda harsh on people who are wrong. I’ve seen people destroyed by mods or just members in general for getting something basic wrong. Idk, no community is perfect.


Thanks for all the input.

I am seeing this thread turning into a list of all fourm annoyances which we have had a number of those threads already.

It comes down to reading the FAQ and guides to learn how the forum works. Then it relies on the members to educate others through PMs and not add to the threads with “correction” posts. Many people point out grammar, spelling, etc issues in threads when it should be a simple friendly PM. (Not attacking).

Use the delete or edit button if you need to modify your own post or you realize it was a duplicate. Utilize the flag function when necessary. Treat people how you want to be treated.

When in doubt, ask a Mod and we can take a look or explain more.


This is a massive big bear of mine. If you share a slack group with me, I guarantee you’ve heard me going on about it.
It’s a prime example of mini modding, something that infuriates me to the next degree.
They see a moderator post the message and think, hey, if I copy and paste that I can feel like a moderator. It’s like the people that say “mods can close this now” (as if they needed your permission 🙄).

Not only is it lazy and boring, there’s a lot of irony behind it at times. And that’s because you’re calling out people that are posting, trying to level up ETC , when all you’re doing is trying to level also, so you’re being hypocritical…

I think the biggest annoyance for me with this, it distracts away from the people that are actually trying to be helpful. Such as myself in #support and other members in different categories, and then someone just comes over and be like
we appreciate your post here today (who are we btw? Oh the wannabe mod cult), but this doesn’t belong in this category. (Even though I’m not TL2 myself, here are some requirements for it) you need to be TL2 to post in ___
Mods can close this now (because they need my permission 🙂)

End of rant.


I admit back in my days as a regular, I was guilty of this(what @Kirito_77 has pointed out). I realised it wasn’t meaningful and it was just pacifying a meaningful conversation. My apologies to whoever I did this to. At the end it’s upon us TL2s and 3s to be welcoming towards new community users and by dismissing their posts was not the right way. This destroys the good spirit of the community. Hopefully we can all learn from our mistakes. At the end we TL2s and TL3s like Kirito and the rest want new users to feel at home in the community.