Community internet error

Hello, I would like to know why my community is so my internet is working perfectly, it is already a 4 days that is so, can someone help me to solve this

Let your image fully upload before posting the topic :)


Are you using a VPN or anything?
Usually this happens when something is blocking it besides having poor connection so if your connection is good then there could be some sort proxies doing this

No, I’m using this, this is the community app

What are you using to get on it now? Mobile data or WIFi and which do you use when you can’t get onto it?

I’m using wi-fi, when I use data mobile it works already wi-fi no

I’m confused, so it works sometimes but not all the time on WIFI?

It seems like this is just poor connection, restart your device and router.

Try resetting your router and report back.

When I’m in the wi-fi community of this error, more when I switch to the mobile data it works perfectly

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I already tried to do this

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Are you using any ad-blockers? Could you try enabling a VPN?

I do not use ad blocker

Alright. Enable a VPN and report back.

That’s the picture of his app I’m pretty sure😂 not a failed to upload picture

thank you guys @Chatta290 is already helping me in PM

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