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Your link has failed because of the _'s, discourse thinks that means italics :). Add \ before the _'s to combat this, as such:\_ifphotographer\_/?hl=en

appears as:


mks713… I’ll be sure to approve!


Does this work?


It doesn’t work. Broken.


i just set up a new instagram account just for posting IF pics, here’s the link


Infinite_spotter757 & Danstagram11



Insta name:



here’s mine!


Hey my name is PilotA
My instagram is infinite_flight_global


Tailwinds Flying Club now has an instagram! @tailwindsflyingclubif




Could some add @georgetownairport to the list, it has no current posts relating to infinite flight, just airplane models, but I am trying to become more active on the account and will post infinite flight stuff soon.


@newbiies on instagram


Here’s mine @wynwyn2x


Mine is @regional_flyer


Hello, mine is


Just hit 1,000 on my account. Thanks to whoever followed me!! Can someone update my name for me?


Mine is OctAE_ check it out!


Added. Nice posts, cant wait to see more.


I have two, @gabe.hampton is my main, and @charlotteplanes is my plane account. (Has spotting pics, and I’m going to start doing trip reports.)