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please add Volaris Virtual at VA/VO section

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Please add me

@VR-DOM, @The_Geniusman, @Alberto-Carbajal, @J2S - All have been added.


thank you!

1 post, but who cares…

That’s my personal account. VA account coming shortly.

Just added both for you :)

Can someone put in my IF related account into the list? Thanks.

Sorry for the really late reply. I must’ve missed you comment by accident. You account is now added.

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Could you please re-add my planespotting account?

I would like to get added there, so here it is mine…

Personal (but with a bit of planespotting photos inside there :)

You could add mines to the personal section too. I usually post infinite flight content.

@Vinne - Updated yours.

@TRDubh, @ouzi and @Wookie1 - Yours have been added.

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My Aviation account!

This is my aviation related account

Hey, could u please add AFKLM VA, @afklm_virtual on IG. Thanks!

IG: leonardif18 that’s my new one!

I lost my old IG account

Two accounts!

  1. Personal account

  2. VA account

Add in IF related:

I’ve added you! 😊


I think you forgot me by accident, see post 38.

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