Community Instagram List [wiki]

Welcome to the Community Instagram List -


Key Infinite Flight Related Accounts: -

The Community section is split into four categories: Aviation related account, Infinite Flight related account, VA/VO account and other/personal.

If you would like your account to be added, then simply message below a link to your Instagram account and also state which category you would like it to be a part of.

Community Instagram Accounts -

Infinite Flight related

Aviation related


This Thread is a wiki meaning that any person with Regular status can edit it. If you are a regular and are about to add an account, please make sure that the account name is valid and add it as a hyperlink where the “Optional title” Is the users name here on the IFC. Please also make sure that the lists are kept in Alphabetical order.

This is a moderator approved thread. The old thread has been closed due not being able to edit it anymore as we passed the 60 day edit limit

Twitter list thread: Community Twitter Account List [Wiki]


Please add Avianca Virtual Group under VA/VO :)

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Thread is now a Wiki @Hamza.N


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Can you please send me a link to the account. Cheers.

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Just checked and it has already been added.

Huh. I guess I’m blind.

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I would like to be added


Please send a link to the account and state which category you’d like it to be added to.

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Mario_prz04 for all my aviation related stories :) (personal/aviation)

Infinite flight airport editing:

@Major-Tom - Which Category?

@Avgeekproductions - Please send a link to it

@N1DG - Added You!

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I think it is a key role.
Else wise it is IF-related.

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@ First_Officer_Register is mine.

I post lots of stuff on my story that may not be posted on my thread. Give it a look!

Please send links and requested category when submitting!!

@IFATC_Andrew Send the link please.

Put you in!

We already have you added!

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The account of IF community of Hong Kong:

If a regular or someone add ACVA.