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Hello IFC,

Sorry for another poll request but here it goes. We need yall’s input if we should continue the 50 states events? 20AUG20 ALL DAY!/Massachusetts ATC Take Over! [OVER] @KBOS-@KBED-@KMVY-@KCEF-@KORH-@KOWD-@KBED-@KFMH-@KACK and the other ones that we have done.

  • Yes continue them once a week
  • Take your time and do one a month
  • Dont continue them to much work and too many events.
  • Other Option (discribe in comments)

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Blake | IFATC in Training Manager

Please if you vote for them please try and come C: thanks!


I think once a month so you have time to make it really good.

I agree once a week is a tad to much! FNF is already a-lot to keep up with.

@Captain-787 and @pilot_Waters would you like to explain why once a week is what you want?

If it is once a month, It will take years to cover every state

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What about every 2 weeks

That would be good

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Do yall think a month is to long and would rather be like every 2 weeks?

  • yes
  • no

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Once a Month it is C:

Thanks for you input mods may now close this.