Community flight ideas

I know this sounds crazy but I think we should have all the most popular VAs and if your not part of a VA you can still come everyone is invited and we need to have one massive Flight just like we had tonight I think it would be the coolest thing to do something like KLAX–KATL or KLAX–PHNL or something that everyone can be a part of this would probably break the game if we get a lot of people but I am open to talking and brainstorming something cool to do and if no one wants to do its ok

Hopefully this does get taken down but if so then please tell me why so I can fix it 😊

Again this is me going over my head on something that I think would be a lot of fun

Please express your thoughts and felling on this topic

Here is a list of all 20 VA that we could have +more


This sounds like an IFVARB summit sort of thing 😂


Hello! Make sure you are actually tagging the VA, and not for example @sk ye

But other than that, yes it would be an awesome idea! 😄

@AF-KLM_VA Hopefully that helps. That would be a pretty huge huge event if your gonna do that.

I know right


So your saying all of these VA are not going to see this what did I do wrong

do you mean fly in Casual Server?

It’s supposed to be this

Not @China Southern Virtual Group

Not @United Virtual

Not @easyjet virtual

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I think something similar to twitter spaces or discord voice channels would actually make for a fun community friday night get-together, I vote for not having chats because it allows for some sketchy words to be thrown around/drama to ignite. Voice chat will keep similar and appropriate minds together and maintain the decent cleanliness of the IFC… in my eyes

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Certainly an idea! We at AFKLM have some events in the pipeline that will be accessible to all on the IFC. You should begin to see them via our account soon! I think this event seems a lot like an After Dark event, so we can certainly have something going!

Hope that helps,
Ben - AFKLM Events Manager.

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ok I fixed it hopefully its correct

China Southern Virtual Group is still @China


Why is there two Airbus VA?

Remove @Airbus

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Sorry will change it

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Somebody called us?😏👀
Well then: “Call me when you want, call me when you need. Call me in the morning, I’ll be on the way”

Ryanair Virtual

Official Site - Official 2022 Thread - Apply now

Ryanair Virtual

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You’ve got a question, we’ll I’ve got an answer. Count us in! You should probably make a PM for the VA’s who are going to attend so we can all discuss things there, but that’s up to you. G’day mate!

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Ryanair be like tiktok admin rn


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