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You don’t have my event there

Added. Thanks for letting me know.

@Jeffrey1o2 Let’s deliver Airbus @LFBO- 151400ZJUN19

Just opened up my laptop. Thanks for pointing it out :)

It’s already on the calendar…

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Well you’re on top of things! Thanks

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Hey 👋
I have an event upcoming soon! Could you add that, thanks

@Jeffrey1o2 how often is this updated?

Used to be every 2/3 days but I’ve stopped because I feel like nobody actually uses it.

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I actually use it mate.
Here is my first ever event

If you would like to add mine here it is:

It’s on the 7th July

This calender badly needs to be updated

I use it to make events

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@Jeffrey1o2 could you add my event on 2019-06-30T16:30:00Z?

July 20, 2019:

What happened to the calendar?

Is this still being updated?


I don’t think so.

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It’s hard to keep up with every day there’s new events :)

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