Community Events Calendar

Here’s a new one

Yay my event is on it!

Bumping this up! Calendar is up to date as of 262015ZMAY. Please let me know if any events are missing or updated…


You don’t have my event there

Added. Thanks for letting me know.

@Jeffrey1o2 Let’s deliver Airbus @LFBO- 151400ZJUN19

Just opened up my laptop. Thanks for pointing it out :)

It’s already on the calendar…

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Well you’re on top of things! Thanks

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Hey 👋
I have an event upcoming soon! Could you add that, thanks

@Jeffrey1o2 how often is this updated?

Used to be every 2/3 days but I’ve stopped because I feel like nobody actually uses it.

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I actually use it mate.
Here is my first ever event

If you would like to add mine here it is:

It’s on the 7th July

This calender badly needs to be updated

I use it to make events

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@Jeffrey1o2 could you add my event on 2019-06-30T16:30:00Z?

July 20, 2019:

What happened to the calendar?

Is this still being updated?