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Hello all!

Just want to quickly update you all: I’ve added about 15 events in the past two days, so your events should be posted. As always, let me know if you see an issue.


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Here’s one that isn’t there :)

Correction: I just noticed you’ve got it down on the Saturday (it should be the Thursday as ANZAC day is a Thursday)

@Jeffrey1o2 I had a time change from 1830Z to 1800Z.

Thanks @Josh and @Brad, I’ve edited both of those events :)


I have an Event, the Day is 4th May and the Problem is that in the Calender it says the Event is 1700Z but it is 1600Z, why? You can check now in the Event.

I got one event today and June 2 both at 2 pm EST
Kpvd event is on [tomarrow][need pilots][20 gates open]Flight out of KPVD @ KPVD - 211800ZAPR19

KJFK event is on [4 weeks 1 day] [pilots needed] flight out @KJFK - 021400ZJUN19

Thank you, @joshua_morrissette, I added those two events.

@Pilot_Dan1, The reason your event wasn’t shown, is because you changed the date about 5 times since you first published your event. I understand things happen, but changing the event date from February to June to May gets very confusing.

The next event is June 2

can you get this added? thank you so much

Would I be able to link this thread with all of my events? So everyone joining could stay up to date.

Please update my event June 2 18:00z

@Delta319 Your event was originally scheduled for June 22, and I had not received any updates, so that is why it did not appear on the calendar.
@Infinite_Flight_Sims Your event is linked on the Google Calendar event, so people can click it from there.
@joshua_morrissette I just did so. Thanks for letting me know :)


Do you mind adding my event the calendar please. Thank you!


  • This calendar is still up-to-date

  • If you’re ever bored and looking for a flight to join, locate an event in the calendar above!


Here’s a new one

Yay my event is on it!

Bumping this up! Calendar is up to date as of 262015ZMAY. Please let me know if any events are missing or updated…


You don’t have my event there

Added. Thanks for letting me know.

@Jeffrey1o2 Let’s deliver Airbus @LFBO- 151400ZJUN19