Community Events Calendar- 2020

Hello, IFC!

Today I bring to you the Community Events Calendar for the month of May, 2020.

If you notice, the calendar is available to be edited and changed by anyone. This is because I trust that people will not abuse the access and only use it for the correct purposes, which is to add/change events.

If there is an event missing, please either message me, post on this thread, or if able, add it in yourself to the calendar. :)

The link is posted below:


Please only use the editing permissions for adding events, or editing the information of an event

It is recommesed that you use a PC/Laptop when viewing the Calendar. If you are using a mobile device (phone, iPad, tablet, etc.), you will be taken to a google website that will not display the events. If that happens, just scroll to the bottom of the page and press “Desktop”

Thanks for viewing, and stay safe!


This is a great idea! It looks like I have to request access it, so I just did that :D

Yes, haha. I just changed something so try it now. :)

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Working now! I can see it but I can’t add anything to the actual calander

Respect! How long did this take you?

Ah, sorry about that! I’ll just add stuff in manually. Is there a specific even that you want added?

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Also btw my flyout on the 9th should say 1900Z (it currently says 1700Z). It’s the correct time on the calendar though. Thanks so much!

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Wait, I was looking at the wrong day, it’s already there sorry

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Thanks! About 1 hour to add in all the ones for May.

I have to say, this is going to be tremendously helpful to me. I try to avoid overlapping with other events, but the process of checking that can be quite tedious, so this is a life-saver!

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Wow what an awesome Idea this should be pinned

It isn’t that important. Still great job PlaneGeek

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@PlaneGeek The event for Delta vs American is actually at 1930Z :)

Thanks, the title on that event was moved 4 hours ahead 8 minutes ago. I’ll update it now. :)

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Yeah that was an error sorry :)

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