Community Event @ KSWF - 021125ZJAN16

Event Idea: I know that this sounds like a counterintuitive idea because you could fly with anybody you like as long as you plan a date. However, this is an event where you’re not the only community member group flying. You’ll be flying with however many other groups, from zero over. If you want to merge two groups and fly all together, it would be up to you. The event will take place from Saturday at 1125Z until Sunday at 1445Z.

This will take place on Advanced, so if this is going to happen, we’ll need ATC. If anybody would like to volunteer, you could post your free hours so we know who can control at what times.

I really don’t get it…

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I understand how you don’t get it… it’s not really an event, it’s just an idea to see how many community members would gather in the NY region this weekend. Instead of group flights alone, you’d have multiple groups, and since NY region is rural on all servers, which is ironic because it is the biggest city in the U.S., I thought it’d be a good location away from many “idiots” that soar SoCal PG and SanFran FFS.

If it’s any type of event you can post it

Oh, okay, seemed weird to post an event about gathering the community up, but as long as I can.

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This will take place in 23 hours.

You don’t have to wait for me you know. You just fly whenever.