Community determined flyout!

Hello, IFC. Lately, I’ve been planning a flyout for y’all, but I just can’t decide on where to hold it. So, I’ll let you decide!

Comment down where you would like to see me hold this event. The four most suggested airports will be placed into a poll, and the top voted airport will be the site of the event.

If a VA would like to sponsor this event, please do PM me.

Happy flying!

Obviously San Jose!

@BigBert10 Help me! SJC should be chosen for very obvious reasons :)


What do you mean obviously Denver

I would choose my home airport, but since I feel like irritating @GlobalFlyer1 and @BigBert10

I choose KSFO just kidding

A Dulles fly-out at KIAD would a good idea, I vote KIAD along with @darkeyes

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We cannot be friends anymore

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Call me biased, but…


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I vote KIAD

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Please DO KEWR!!!


ENTC!!! Of course!

Seeing as there are many mixed results as to which airport, let’s just all agree SJC is the way to go

Being biased about SJC is not the way to decide things. Because you feel like SJC is the best airport doesn’t mean others aren’t and top of that, there is one KSJC Fly-Out Event coming up very soon. Check the Event Category for the exact date.


Let’s stray away from America on this one. I say that FACT is a great airport with some nice scenery.

@Altaria55 Why don’t you do one at your home airport, DFW ?

I’d love to see a Scottish airport such as Prestwick (EGPK).

Why not Auckland (NZAA)?

Definitely KDAL