Community Created Aircraft

This is probably the most ambitious feature request I’ve made but I’m hopeful that It may be added one day

What I’m proposing is that Infinite Flight Community Members are given the ability to add their own aircraft soothing similar to the idea of Steam Workshop.

How it would work
I’ll lay it step by step

  1. An IFC Member would think of an aircraft and begin programming accurate Physics, Textures, Sounds, Etc.
  2. After finishing the programming they would send it to a developer or tester and they would make sure that it is up to standards of IF and if any work is needed they would in turn say things that need improvement or fixed.
  3. After the issues are ironed out the aircraft would be implemented in the next update.
  4. Happy community because they make their own planes and they would probably be quite pleased :)

Ways to get the aircraft onto the devices
There are many ways to go about this but here is my idea.

If you look on he aircraft selection page there is a box that says “Show Legacy Planes” there could be a box that says “Show community contributions” or something along those lines then all community planes are shown and the player can choose the plane they wish to fly as usual.

Issues with this
There are always issues with any software so Ill list them and you can add what else could go wrong in the replies and I will add them if they are reasonable

  1. IF servers may have issues with so many different planes flying and could cause lag spikes and poor performance
    2.The aircraft people make could be to the point where they are so advanced with polygons it may cause old devices to perform poorly

Positives with this

1.It allows anyone with coding skills to harness their ability’s to benefit the Community and IF
2.It allows for aircraft selection to be wider and more diverse encouraging more exploration
3.It relives pressure from the IF devs in the long term due to them not being harassed to “hurry up”
4.It would make the Simulator the Best Flight Sim in the Mobile Industry by far and may never be caught up
5.It would make the less informed people in the community realise how difficult programming realistic aircraft is giving the devs more compassion for their hard work

I do hope you agree with this and are able to vote for this the community is very talented and allows for you to show your skills for peoples benefit.
If there are any concerns you have please let me know and I’ll answer to the best of my abilities
Happy Flying :)

Post that inspired this thread

This sounds lit 🔥

Unfortunately, I don’t have a vote to spare, but you do have my support!


Pretty crazy suggestion but you have my vote.


So what? Would this be like XP11 where you, for example, have the default A320, then there’s the FlightFactor A320 which you can install as an addon? Except, in IF, it would just be added to a separate list. I have been thinking about this: I think this would be such a great way of getting the developers to be able to focus on features and stuff, apposed to aircraft. This would work so nicely, I think. If I could, I would give all 10 of my votes to this!


Yes exactly like that. It gives people more choice which I’m all for. You never know the community could make planes that rival XP11 :)


I’m clearing a vote now.

EDIT: Voted.

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You should make a “commitment” list of users who would be willing to help out with this idea.

Thank you

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This sounds like a lot of work, but I can see it happening.

This could be like the airport editing team but for airplanes

I would try and talk to a dev about this. They might say no tho


I mean, I highly doubt this will ever come true.
It’s very difficult to make planes, like you said, “up to IF’s standards”…
Personally, I don’t really see someone making a plane, with live instruments, realistic physics, detailed flight model etc.

Interesting feature, it’s worth thinking about it, but I don’t see this happening… 🤷‍♂️

But what about the few who do know how to code, and program? This is not for the average joe. It just adds a way for the community to interact with the sim.


It’s a really good idea. The depth of knowledge and talent in this community is really untapped. Bookmarked for when I get an extra vote

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We sure do have a lot of talented people on the IFC.

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Even if you know how to code, you cannot just make realistic physics out of nowhere.

I think it’s best to let the devs do what they best can.

Because what’s the next step after this?
Community clouds, community ATC commands, community scenery?

It’s a no for me I’m afraid. But, good luck with your feature!

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I don’t think talented people would be down for freeware. It would probably be payware

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Many people actually do make freeware planes (third-party no purchase) for PC sims and they are quite accurate. They might not be 100% but in reality no simulated aircraft is perfect, even the ones that you have to pay $80 to get.
I personally would like to see this along with a custom livery feature for IF. It would be complex and would require the devs to make a separate website of application for PC that allows the user to submit these but I think this could be a future possibility. You have my vote.

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I could see that happening. This feature is similar to one that XP has, and some are free, while others are payware.

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This would be a great idea, but the challenge is finding the right way to execute this.

Maybe an IFAET for creating custom aircraft with set criteria, and community members can submit proposals. Approved proposals can be added and denied ones can be revised.

It’s a neat idea, I’ll consider voting!


Definitely I can see your point about the money side of this but there are some talented people who do programming for fun. Wether people would do it as a summer project or maybe an IT class could do something with this. Its voluntary its more a way to bring people together and share their expertise. Maybe someone does modelling and someone does physics. People can work alone an use it as a way to grow their knowledge. Its more something to bring the community and staff together :)

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The problem is this will take time away from the developers actually working on and implementing features. If they would have to constantly police submissions to test features, make sure things are up to standards, ensure it works on as many devices as possible (and work on making it compatible with older devices, because as we’ve seen everyone likes to complain about that), etc. etc. they would end up devoting all their time to this.

While I don’t doubt that there is a ton of talent in the community, for something like Infinite Flight, where it is a fully in-house developmental operation, stuff like this is likely net-net less beneficial than it would be for a PC sim for example, where the foundational code was set up with third-party add-ons in mind.

Also, we’re already ahead of other sims, especially in terms of aircraft detail. Once we get clouds, better lighting and 3-D buildings (all of which are being looked at), Infinite Flight will permanently clinch the title of best mobile flight sim :) Good things come in time, and we already have so many great aircraft I’m content to just let the developers keep doing their thing.

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Very interesting idea! At the same time, we can do this for liveries too 😉

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