Community Collab | 2020 A Year in Review

As we begin our approach into the end of the year (pun intended), I just want to just hit pause and think about how far Infinite Flight has progressed since the beginning of the year. With the A350, B777, and B757 reworks just being some of the highlights, I think it’s safe to say that 2020 will not only live in the history books, but also Infinite Flight’s.

Not only would I like to personally thank every single person who made all these updates possible, I would also like to share my appreciation in a way to be remembered. Hence, I’d like to open up a community collaboration to create a “2020, Year in Review” video to highlight some of the best features that has come to the game since January.

Evidently, this project is no small feat and will take time and a lot of work to complete. As of now, we’re working on assembling a small team to begin filming and editing. In the end, we hope to have compiled footage ranging from community events to update highlights.

Prospective Events

During our filming process, we may conduct small, minor events in order to capture some footage. If you would like to be notified or would like to participate in these “pop-up” flights, please message @Drew_Drew directly.

Volunteer Positions

Without volunteers, this collaboration would be incomplete. If you have skills with video editing software, in-game filmography, or even just an expert pilot, please reach out to @Drew_Drew as we desperately need more assistance!

  • Video Editors
  • Filmographers
  • Expert Pilots

This event is in not sponsored or affiliated with Infinite Flight. This is a community-organized and volunteer-based collaboration.

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