Community Clip Submission


The IF community is huge, and there are bound to be people who want to share their experiences with others! So, as part of a new series on my channel, I am accepting any clip if cool landings, amazing take offs, funny live moments and more, for a ‘TOP 5’ series! Below, is a link for you to submit your clips:

Good luck! ;)


If only there was a recording system for IF in iOS :/


AirShou is quite nice (;

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Only on Android currently. Try airshou ;)

Don’t forget to send your clips in! They can be anything, and I’ve extended the types of video you can submit!
You can now submit your IF Movies/Films, as there are a ton of great ones out there!
(Just state them as ‘Other’)

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The creativity is out there, as well as the skill!

If you have previously submitted a clip, please make sure it gives clear info so that I know what to do in the case that I use it. Also, please make sure that it is linked to an UNLISTED YouTube video. Thanks, and keep submitting! ;)

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