Community Choice Friday Night Flight - Poll CLOSED

Hey everyone!

A while back we opened up the FNF to our community. This was a huge success, and we thank each and everyone one of you who voted in the poll. Given the success of this, we have decided to open up the FNF to our community once per month. This will happen on the last Friday of every month. You will now have full control of both suggestions for the location, and a vote on the final decision!


To get your suggestion seen by staff, we suggest you make it as detailed as possible! Here are a few tips we have for making a suggestion:

  1. State the name and code of the airport

  2. Give well-written reasons as to why the airport is a good choice

  3. Make sure the suggestion meets the criteria for an FNF airport. These include, but are not limited to, multiple runways, multiple frequencies, a large number of parking gates and an area that has not been recently used!

Suggestions will be taken until 1900Z every Wednesday. A poll will then be in place until 2200Z.

So, without further ado, we would love to hear suggestions for this week’s FNF below!


EGLL-EPWA LOT Boeing 737-800

EGLL (London Heathrow) is quite a large airport so it can fit a LOT of people, with its 5 terminals!

EPWA (Lotnisko Warsaw Chopin) is quite a small airport but it has 2 runaways! (Not possible for both planes to land at the same time though)
also Warsaw Chopin has quite a LOT of gates so it can fit around 100-ish people!

Barcelona El-Prat
Madrid Airport
Tel-Aviv Airport

  1. Norman Y Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC/KSJC)
  2. This airport is a good choice because it is an alternate to the already-popular KSFO and we should give the other airports of the Bay Area a chance to get featured in the FNF and get filled up as well. It is a focus city for Southwest and Alaska Airlines, so flights to Seattle, Los Angeles, Denver, etc can be done. The airport is also growing at a really fast rate with new flights often. The airport also has long haul flights to places like EGLL and RJAA.
  3. 2 Runways, multiple frequencies, 30 commercial gates, has never been featured in a FNF

I would even be fine with less realism from IFATC (runways, approach, etc) if it means getting this airport featured for FNF.


I would recommend KSFO, there are many routes that can be used and it’s been awhile since it’s been used! Gorgeous approaches and scenery all around !


Misha, are we allowed to request multiple airports?


EVRA (Riga International)

It has plenty of gates, can accommodate both medium sized and GA aircraft, has a lot of routes, and is in Europe, opening it to short routes as well.

It has plenty of gates, has Ground, Tower and Approach. It could work well for private jets at an FNF, which is a rarity.



I would like to see KDFW for the FNF.

This is a very big airport with a lot of runways so there can be little to no delays. It is also located twards the middle of the US and is a huge hub for American, so we can fly to the west or east coast easily. There are also many international routes such as Quantas to Sydnee, and Icelandair to Reykjavik. It would

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Sure. Just don’t go too crazy


Portland Intl (KPDX)

I want to do KPDX because it is diverse and is rarely featured on FNF. It is one of the major airports of the pacific northwest. It features 6 runways. It is very fun to fly out of and would make an awesome FNF airport.

10L and 10R. We can keep all frequencies open as well as all gates open.


KNUC and the SoCal Area, KLAX, KSAN, KONT KLAS

Let’s return and congregate to the region where we had some of the best times! San Clemente!

Do whatever floats your boat, commercial, GA, just a nice return to the good ol’ days, this could work great for some comparisons with old and new!

We were so popular at KNUC that an infinite flight screenshot is tagged to the google page!..


I would like to bring back to life the old KNUC airport it was a pretty good airport that brought back tomorrow good old memories.


This airport has been scientifically proven to hold any and all aircraft regardless of thier size or intentions.

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Manchester international Airport (EGCC)

Manchester airport is a perfect destination. It caters for a wide range of aircraft from heavyies to light aircraft. It has many routes some to europe,middle east, Transatlantic and Caribbeans islands. This means the community has many options from where they would like to fly from or too. Manchester is also home to some of best football teams manchester city (which is sponsered by etihad airways) and manchester united.


Denver international airport(KDEN)
The last year it was used by around 64 million people and its elevation is1.6 kilometers.
It also has six runways and its hub for Frontier and United airlines.
(I don´t have other good reasons now)


Stockholm Arlanda Airport @ ESSA / ARN

Why? It’s Sweden’s biggest airport with 3 runways and 4 terminals, for both regional and international flights. I think it would be nice to explore more of Scandinavia. It was a long time ago. We had many US and central europe airports featured in the schedule but not much from Scandinavia.


1.Kiev Boryspil International Airport (UKBB)
2.I feel UKBB doesn’t get as much people flying in or out of it and I think if it’s featured in an FNF it will get a chance to get filled up. It is the hub for Ukraine International Airlines and Windrose Air. Some of the flights departing UKBB is to New York, London and Beijing and many more
3.It has 2 runways and has a lot of commercial gates, it has multiple frequencies and hasn’t been a FNF location recently

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EDDM, Munich Franz Joseph StrauĂź

A large aierport with loads of gates which enables hundreds to take part. Long and well organized taxi ways and run ways which allow for clear and organized departure and approach procedures.


KIAD (Dulles airport), KDCA (Ronald Reagan airport), and KBWI (Thurgood Marshall airport).

This might be a clone of @Plane-Train-TV’s idea, but it’s a great idea for an FNF and I have even more reasons for why these 3 airports should be featured.

This airport has 3 parallel runways (all capable of supporting heavies) and a 4th one if necesssary. ATC can just bring arrivals from the west onto the left runway, and arrivals from the east onto the right runway. The center runway can be used for departures only, meaning that it is easy to get a lot of arrivals in in a short amount of time, and easy to get departures out quickly too. A 4th runway is also available for GA (its approach path intersects the other runways though). This airport offers many unique views and has loads of IRL destinations. It has loads of gates for any type of aircraft. It has only been in an FNF once since global came out, and almost never on the ATC schedule. It needs more attention.

This airport is small, but it’s still a good airport for an FNF. Besides, small airports need a bit more attention! While it can’t accomodate heavies, this airport has a lot of gates for 737s, A320s, and more. It also has some gates for GA and regional jets. It has one main runway for aircraft from A319/737-700s to 757s and A321s. A second runway can be used for aircraft smaller than an A319/737-700, meaning that ATC can separate slower planes, reducing stress. This airport is the busiest of DC airports, and while there are few destinations more than 1000 nm away, there are plenty of destinations within 1000 nm, so this airport is great for those who like to do short haul. Best of all, it has the stunning river visual approach. It has never been featured in an FNF, and I think it needs more attention.

This airport offers beautiful views on departure and arrival. This airport has 2 runways capable or supporting heavies, and a third runway for GA. This is easy for ATC because one runway can be used for departures, and another for arrivals. It has plenty of gates for 737s/A320s, and other medium haul aircraft. It also has a lot of destinations (mainly domestic, but still). This airport has been in one FNF since global and I would like to see it featured.

All 3 airports have rarely been featured on the ATC schedule.


Washington DC Area Flyout.

IFATC would Open KIAD, KDCA, and KBWI. There would be a NOTAM around the area restricting flights from IAD-DCA, IAD-BWI, etc.

All airports have numerous frequencies and spawning spots so there would be more than enough room. IAD has 4 runways, BWI has 3, and DCA has 2.

All these airports very rarely see any attention, so I believe it’s time to give some love to the United States capital! From the stunning Atlantic Coastline, to the acrobatic DCA Approach, and dont forget the massive size of IAD! I personally believe this would be one hell of a FNF!