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Orlando International Airport (KMCO)

I feel like this will be a good idea because Infinite Flight will be going to Orlando for FlightSimExpo 2019!

About Orlando:
Orlando is an airport located right in the middle of Florida. Last year it was the 10th busiest airport in the U.S. in passenger movement and was also the busiest airport in the state of Florida. Orlando has 4 runways:

17L/35R is about 9000 ft long (2743 m)
17R/35L is about 10,000 ft long (3048 m)
18L/36R is about 12,000 ft long (3659 m)
18R/36L is about 12,000 ft long (3659 m)

Orlando is a focus city for Frontier Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Spirit Airlines, and JetBlue. Orlando also has plenty of gate space with 4 terminals holding over 100 gates.
Here you can read more about Orlando:

Orlando International Airport

Orlando International Airport (IATA: MCO, ICAO: KMCO, FAA LID: MCO) is a major public airport located six miles (10 km) southeast of Downtown Orlando, Florida, United States. In 2018, MCO handled 47,696,627 passengers, making it the busiest airport in the state of Florida and the tenth-busiest airport in the United States. The airport serves as a hub for Silver Airways and a focus city for Frontier, JetBlue, Southwest, and Spirit. Southwest is the airport’s largest carrier by passengers carrie…

I hope to see Orlando as the FNF!


I think we should feature Los Angeles International this week! IATA: LAX ICAO: KLAX
Why LAX? Well let me tell you. LAX has 4 10,000+ foot runways allowing for any aircraft to takeoff or land. This also allows for a massive capacity. With Tom Bradley International Terminal they can accommodate a huge number of heavies. LAX is also a major hub for many major airlines including but not limited to Alaska Airlines, Delta, American, United, and the cargo airlines Fedex and Atlas Air. Some of the airlines that use it as a focus city include Air New Zealand, Allegiant, Norwegian, Qantas, and Southwest. In 2018 LAX handled a staggering 87,534,384 passengers making it the 4th busiest airport in the world! If that doesn’t make it worthy for a FNF I don’t know what does. LAX is also a major gateway to the pacific with perfectly fits the Cathay Pacific theme for saturday. Multiple frequencies absolutely can be used. Lastly, considering the hub status of LAX for several airlines finding other airports to get feature as secondary or relief airports would be easy.

Multiple Frequencies certainly can be used and absolutely should be used. LAX is best served with active radar frequencies to! If LAX is opened the use of real life STARs and SIDs is strongly recommended to add even more realism and to control the large amount of traffic.
Choose LAX for this weeks FNF!

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South American Fiesta

Featured Airports

  • SPJC
  • SBGL
  • SBGR
  • SCEL
  • SAEZ
  • SKBO
  • SBEG
  • MPTO
  • MROC
  • MRLB

Featured Airlines and Aircraft

  • Volaris A319
  • Avianca A318
  • GOL B738
  • Aerolineas Argentinas B738
  • LAN, TAM, LATAM B763, B77W, B789

Featured Routes

  • SAEZ-SBGR GOL and Aerolineas Argentinas B738
  • MPTO-SKBO Avianca A318
  • SCEL-SPJC LAN B763 and LATAM B789
  • SKBO-MROC Avianca A318
  • SPJC-MROC Avianca A318

Yep. Dublin would be a good choice. And good thought of the theme 👍😉

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KEWR (Newark Liberty International Airport) would be an ideal airport to do an event in. This airport goes unnoticed due to KJFK taking the spotlight of KEWR. That airport has several gates spanning 3 terminals and has a total of 3 runaways. With this, there are several routes that a person can fly in or out of KEWR and one of these routes can be KEWR to VHHH which is served by United and Cathay Pacific. All the routes in and out of KEWR span from domestic up to ultra long hauls. On the plane side, there are an array of plane types that are flown in and out of KEWR. By making this an FNF airport, this would bring more popularity to the airport. Also in the past there hasn’t been an FNF solely using KEWR as a hub without KJFK being involved (I am aware of there being a three airport FNF there in the past but it did not solely focus on KEWR). Additionally, a secondary airport could be KIAD and KORD, where United flys a lot to. If there were to be another secondary airport, it can be any one near the east cost or only one on the west coast to promote east to west or west to east coast flying.


Washington Trifecta

KBWI, KDCA, KIAD. To replicate the inbound procedures used, especially the river visual would be so much fun. Liken it to the FNF that was at KLGA, KEWR and KJFK not to long ago. Slap a TFR and NOTAM on each airport with detailed inbound procedures and guidelines to have the event run smoothly.

NOTAMS (Meaning the circle in-app, not a forum NOTAM)


Remarks. Departure. On departure, fly heading 155 after takeoff when departing from runway 15R/15L, fly heading 105 after takeoff when departing from runway. CHECK IN ONLY with Approach/Departure, expect radar vectors to your destination and cruising altitude 10 minutes after departure.


Remarks. Departure. Fly runway heading on departure from all runways. CHECK IN ONLY with Approach/Departure, expect radar vectors to your destination and cruising altitude 10 minutes after departure. Arrival. The river visual for runway 19 is in use, ILS approaches only to all other runways.


Remarks. Departure. Fly heading 191 on departure from all runways. CHECK IN ONLY with Approach/Departure, expect radar vectors to your destination and cruising altitude 10 minutes after departure.

In my opinion, if there was more detailed instructions in the NOTAMS other then just that you cannot fly from one airport within a 50nm radius, there could be an increase in organization as the pilots and controllers would be on the same page as to what the strategy is, equaling more fun. With the caveat that disobeying the NOTAM could be enforced by ghosting, with warning (or without if you like, I wouldn’t mind.) The NOTAMS I wrote are just an example, they defiantly could be expanded upon.


Nope, not gonna happen for me.

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Lyon Saint Exupery

Brief History

Lyon Saint Exupery opened on April 12th, 1975, it was a huge milestone for the economy of Lyon because, at the time, Lyon used LFLY airport, Lyon-Bron, for commercial use. Bron airport is a small airport that has a single 6000-foot runway. This airport put Lyon at a disadvantage because of the lack of ability for long haul aircraft to fly there. Lyon Saint Exupery airport name honors the famous author, Antione De Saint Exupery who wrote the book Le Petit Prince, or translated to English as The Little Prince. Saint Exupery died flying an aircraft to Corsica, a French island, his plane was never found.

Current Operations

Recently, Terminal 1B at LFLL has opened. It is a brand new terminal that services most airlines.

Terminal 1B services

Aegean Aeroflot Air Canada Austrian Airlines
British Airways Brussel Airlines Emirates Eurowings
Flybe Jet Air Fly Lufthansa Royal Air Maroc
Transavia Tunisair Turkish Airlines XL Airways
Aer Lingus Aigle Azur Air Algérie Air Arabia
Blue Air easyJet Enter Air Nouvelair
Pegasus Sun Express Transavia Wizz Air

Terminal 2 services

Air Corsica Air France Air Malta Air Transat
Chalair Aviation Eastern airways HOP! Ibéria
Ibéria Express KLM TAP Portugal Twinjet
Vueling Wow Air

Infinite Flight Information

LFLL has 2 parrallel runways, 35L/17R and 35R/17L. LFLL has a large amount of gates that can accomodate planes up to an A380.
There is

  • ATIS on 126.17
  • Ground 121.82
  • Tower 120.45
  • Approach 125.80
  • Approach 133.15
  • Approach 120.23
  • Approach 125.43
  • Approach 136.08

If you do this and it gets selected you can also enjoy a 7 day vacation from ES :)


I’ll do straight out from 19 and 15, but never 33 and 01

Ok I’ll fix that one, I was on the fence. Kind of rushed that one.

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Oh hey @Trio, thanks for changing it!

Vancouver International Airport (CYVR)


Why Vancouver International

I think we need a FNF in Canada and Vancouver is the perfect place to do it because it has a great variety of Airlines and a huge variety of destinations domesticly and Internationally and it has a large amount of gates and 3 runways so it is perfect for a great FNF.

Featured theme idea


Route ideas

Route ideas


Some extra Information here


Im holding off on recommending KMCO this week as I expect it to be the FNF next week

Norman Y Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC/KSJC)

This airport, located in the heart of Silicon Valley, California and in the South Bay Area, is an airport that does not get much attention at all in Infinite Flight. This is due to the airport’s close proximity to San Francisco International Airport (SFO/KSFO). It would be cool to have this airport featured rather than always having SFO get all the attention.

The airport has 2 parallel runways and has 30 commercial gates and many GA gates.


A Florida Focused FNF would be pretty sweet. Perfect to celebrate the coming of summer.

KMCO (Hub)

Flying between Tampa and Orlando should be restricted. All of these airports have their own cool routes in and out of the US and international. Staffing all of these airports would be great for ATC communication and departure frequencies should be key.

A few interesting routes to/from those airports.












HECA, It’s in the middle of the world(almost) so many people can fly to a large variety of destinations and it has 3 runways and A LOT of gates.


I like it except for the TPA part.


Toulouse-Blagnac Airport (LFBO)

Did you know that it is Airbus’s 50th birthday?

What better way to celebrate it than hosting a FNF at Toulouse!

Toulouse–Blagnac Airport is an international airport located 3.6 nautical miles west northwest of Toulouse, and partially in Blagnac, both communes of the Haute-Garonne department in the Occitanie region of France. In 2017, the airport served 9,264,611 passengers. It is the 6th most popular airport in France!


It also has multiple runways and tons of gates to fit as many planes as we can think of! Not mentioning the Airbus testing spots!

Look, I’m a Boeing fan and don’t even like France. I just think it would be special.

This is a one time thing and it won’t ever get the chance to happen again! You can hold off all of your airports for a week. I don’t want to have to wait 50 years, do you?

Theme: Airbus 50th Birthday


KBDL should be picked, an airport that is always forgotten! BDL is home of Delta/Frontier/Southwest/American/United/Air Lingus and All Cargo Aircraft and Military. KBDL once held the Delta L1011 and other wide bodies. Its also a diversion spot for KJFK/KBOS/KPVD/KALB/KLGA.Airport_2