Community Choice FNF - Voting Open!

Hey everyone!

A while back we opened up the FNF to our community. This was a huge success, and we thank each and everyone one of you who voted in the poll. Given the success of this, we have decided to open up the FNF to our community once per month. This week is the second community choice Friday Night Flight! This will continue to happen on the last Friday of every month. You will now have full control of both suggestions for the location, and a vote on the final decision!

Please do not request last months event!


To get your suggestion seen by staff, we suggest you make it as detailed as possible! Here are a few tips we have for making a suggestion:

  1. State the name and code of the airport

  2. Give well-written reasons as to why the airport is a good choice

  3. Make sure the suggestion meets the criteria for an FNF airport. These include, but are not limited to, multiple runways, multiple frequencies, a large number of parking gates and an area that has not been recently used!

Suggestions will be taken until every Wednesday. A poll will then be in place.

So, without further ado, we would love to hear suggestions for this week’s FNF below! Multiple airports are allowed.


Dublin Airport for once! Thanks Misha. Hang on there…

Dublin Airport, Ireland (EIDW)

Credits located in picture via Jetphotos.

About the Airport:
As a hub for Aerlingus and Ryanair, this holds the heart of Ireland’s busiest airport. Dublin Airport is located approximately 10km north from the Center of Dublin City. This major airport is operated by the DAA (Dublin Airport Authority). Last year the airport resulted accompanying 13.5 Million passengers throughout the entire year, making it the airport’s busiest year ever. This is the 13th busiest airport in Europe.
This airport operates short, medium and long hauls into Europe and the rest of the World.
For the short hauls, the airport focuses in airports in the UK and the rest of Ireland with Stobart Air.
For the Medium hauls, the airport focuses on airports in the rest of the Europe.
For the Long hauls, the airport focuses on airports in North America, Middle East ans East Asia.
Dublin airport is the hub of AerLingus and Ryanair. Two of one of the most recognised Airlines in EU.

About Dublin Airport:



Why is this Airport a good choice for the FNF:

  • First off there is an unbelievable amount of choices for any destinations you can make out or into Dublin. As for Aerlingus and Ryanair, it focuses on destinations into the full European Continent.

  • Second of all, the Airport is located at the very end, west of Europe. That makes easy access into both the United States and Europe.

  • Lastly a good variety of Aircraft choice. Nearly all aircraft may be used for this event except the lack of Double Decker 4 engined ones. The largest operable aircrafts is the Boeing 777-3, Boeing 787 and Airbus A330.

FNF Additional Information For EIDW:

  • This Airport Contains Two Cross Runways, where 28 is the longest used the most often, also depending on winds. A new “North” Runway will be used in the future as it is under construction.

  • Airport is split into two Terminals. Both have plenty of parking space, as this is an international airport. T1 is an older Airport used mainly for Ryanair and some local flights. T2 is a newer Terminal used for other airlines and Aerlingus, focusing on Long hauls into the US and Mid-East.

AerLingus VS Ryanair.

Routing information found on my previous events for Ryanair, Aerlingus and other Airlines:

Kuala Lumpur International Airport. (WMKK)

About the Airport:
Kuala Lumpur Airport is located on the South East of Asia, also in the heart of Malaysia, located 45 km South from the city centre. This is Malaysia’s Main and the Largest international Airport. It is an official hub for Air Asia and Malaysia Airlines. It is open for regional routes, heavies into foreign countries and international flights worldwide. The heavies into the Foreign countries include Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and many more. This Airport carries up to 60 million passengers a year.

Kuala Lumpur International Airport has three parallel runways (14L/32R, 14R/32L, 15/33). Plenty of Parking space too.

Why should this Airport be featured in the FNF?
Well, basically it’s one of the main and the most busiest airports in the Oceania content. A choice for so many routes including the two of the main hubs, Air Asia and Malasia Airlines. I would imagine myself flying out of WMKK with the Air Asia X livery on the Airbus A330.

FEATURED THEME: Heavies into the Foreign countries: Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and many more!


Paris Charles de Gaulle - LFPG
It is the second airport of Europe and the tenth of the world
It has 4 runways to facilitate ATC


How about ZSPD (Shanghai, if you will)?

It’s got 5 runways and the airport is quite big…

Suitable for FNF!


Austin Bergstrom:KAUS

A medium sized dual runway airport that has enough capacity for an FNF. This airport doesn’t get much love in IF, and myself and others would love to see it all filled up for an FNF.


Ooooh. Interesting…

I put forward:

Boston Logan International Airport (BOS/KBOS)

I believe this airport would be a good airport for an FNF because it has a large number of parking spaces, and a good variety, 6 runways (only 5 are used as runways IRL) and an interesting taxiway layout. It is served by a large number of airlines and has a good variety of destinations available.


KBOS is a rather underserved airport in Infinite Flight due to its proximity to JFK, so I think this would be a nice time to give it some LOVE.


How about EHAM?
I would love too see all the heavy’s. And it’s an underserved airport IMO.


Boston would be a really neat FNF to have.


Yes it would be - the number of taxiways it has would be an interesting challenge for us.

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SBGR - Sao Paulo, Brazil
The airport is one of the most known in South America and could be the most flown to airport in IF. There are a variety of destinations in South America as well as a handful in the US, Europe and as far out as Africa. The airport is underserved because of the lack of scenery but we could make it shine because of the vast network of destinations!
Particular airlines include GOL, LATAM, Azul, and Avianca.
Even though the airport is in South America, that doesnt mean that we should neglect it and its surrounding areas


LOWW (Vienna International Airport, Austria)

It is the Austria’s largest airport and serves as the hub for Austrian Airlines, Eurowings, easyJet, Lauda, Level and Wizz Air. We have never had a FNF there, however it is a great airport. It is capable of handling wide-body aircraft up to the Airbus A380. The airport features a dense network of European destinations as well as long-haul flights to Asia, North America and Africa. In 2018, the airport handled 27 million passengers, a 10.8% increase compared to 2017.

Here you can find all routes from Vienna:


Washington DC Area Flyout.

IFATC would Open KIAD, KDCA, and KBWI. There would be a NOTAM around the area restricting flights from IAD-DCA, IAD-BWI, etc.

All airports have numerous frequencies and spawning spots so there would be more than enough room. IAD has 4 runways, BWI has 3, and DCA has 2.

All these airports very rarely see any attention, so I believe it’s time to give some love to the United States capital! From the stunning Atlantic Coastline, to the acrobatic DCA Approach, and dont forget the massive size of IAD! I personally believe this would be one hell of a FNF!

All about the airports:

Baltimore (KBWI)

Airport Website:

Airport Information:–Washington_International_Airport

Suggested Routes:
KBWI-KFLL (Southwest)
KBWI-ORF (Southwest)
KBWI-KCLT (American)

Washington Regan (KDCA)

Airport Website:

Airport Information:

Suggested Routes:
KDCA-KPWM (American)
KDCA-KBNA (Southwest)
KDCA-KCHS (American)

Washington Dulles (KIAD)

Airport Website:

Airport Information:

Suggested Routes:
KIAD-CYYZ (Air Canada)
KIAD-KMCO (United)
KIAD-KBUF (United)
KIAD-KGSO (United)
KIAD-LIRF (United)



Salt Lake City would be fantastic for scenery! KSLC


That would be really unique too… LOWW is a great airport.


Tel Aviv - Ben Gurion International Airport (LLBG)

Each year, nearly 23 million people fly through this airport to hundreds of destinations around the world. It is also rated as one of the best airports in the middle east. It is totally understated in IF and I rarely see pilots flying there. Ben Gurion Airport deserves a place in the spotlight of this community.


Warsaw Chopin Airport

Being an airport where LOT brings the east and the west together, this airport is well situated on the eastern side of Europe. With two runways, one of them equipped with ILS and being able to accept an A380, EPWA is a great option! With many airlines operating there, including but not limited to: LOT, Lufthansa, Norwegian, Ryanair, and many charter airlines, Warsaw is a great airport to feature this week’s FNF

Total list of airlines and destinations:


I just love watching people get lost on their way to the runway. 😂



My vote goes to KMIA. A large airport with four runways, easily capable of hosting an FNF.
Miami has 131 gates total, and serves over 50 airlines year round.

KMIA is also a main hub for American Airlines, and serves as a great pathway to the US, Europe, South American, and the Caribbean. To add on to the countless routes and airlines, KMIA has not been used in an FNF for a very long time!

Some side airports can include:

And many more!

I hope this gets considered for the final poll.


What do you mean by side airports?