Community Choice #FNF - Holiday Edition!

ISLAMABAD OPIS, also known as the 2nd most beautiful capital in the world!

  • We haven’t seen any Pakistani airport that has been featured in FNF, This new airport started its operations in march 2018 and connects Pakistan with North America, Europe, West Aisa and middle east.
    -Islamabad Airport has 2 runways that could be used simultaneously for landings and takeoff.
  • Islamabad airport is located on the foothills of Himalayas and would give you breathtaking views when on the approach or taking off.
  • Lahore(OPLA) Sialkot(OPST) and Peshawar(OPPS) could be used as alternative airports if the traffic needs to be diverted as these airports are near to Islamabad(OPIS)
    Lastly This is the only airport in Pakistan that could handle A380s. Would love to see OPIS to be featured in FNF :)
    Thank you!images.jpeg

Make sure you provide more information about your suggestion :)

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Calgary International Airport



Calgary International Airport (IATA: YYC , ICAO: CYYC ), branded as YYC Calgary International Airport , is an international airport that serves the city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It is located approximately 17 km (11 mi) northeast of downtown and covers an area of 21.36 km2 (8.25 sq mi).[3] With 17.34 million passengers and 244,027 aircraft movements in 2017, Calgary International is the busiest airport in Alberta and the fourth-busiest in Canada by both measures.[4][5] The region’s petroleum and tourism industries have helped foster growth at the airport, which has nonstop flights to an array of destinations in North and Central America, Europe, and Asia. Calgary is also a hub for Air Canada and Westjet.
Credit: Wikipedia

Why This Airport:
• Mainly around the airport itself it’s super beautiful with the rocky mountains to the west and to the southwest
• Why? Calgary as it dosen’t get a lot of attention as it should and they is underrated for the amount of destinations it has.
• Lots of airlines come to Calgary: Air Canada, Alaska, American, Delta, Hainan A350 😍, KLM, united and Westjet.
• Calgary has 2 main runway the use 35R and L or 17R and L

Hope this airport gets an FNF again last time was 1 year ago and had an amazing turn out!

Thank You!


KBOS - Boston Logan International Airport

Image by:

Logan International Airport [4] (IATA: BOS , ICAO: KBOS , FAA LID: BOS ), officially known as General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport, [5][6] and also commonly known as Boston Logan Airport , Logan Airport or simply Logan , is an international airport that is located mostly in East Boston and partially in Winthrop, Massachusetts, United States. It covers 2,384 acres (965 ha), has six runways and four passenger terminals, and employs an estimated 16,000 people. It is the the 16th-busiest airport in the United States, with 38.4 million total passengers in 2017.[7] The airport saw 40,941,925 passengers in 2018.

By Wikipedia

Why should this be our FNF airport?

  • Big airport in the east coast
  • Has multiple runways and terminals
  • Fairly big route selection
  • 16th Busiest Airport in the USA
  • Has 1,500 flights depart every day

That will be great, I cannot remember of any FNF taking place in Portugal.

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OMDB - Dubai International

Photo credit:

Dubai international is the busiest global hub on the planet. With planes arriving and departing every 30 seconds. Dubai is home to Emirates airlines and Fly Dubai. Also UPS, FedEx and much more are seen at Dubai. So many roughts fly in and out of dubai. As a FNF I think OMDB-EGLL should be the mane roughts with Newcastle or Glasgow as the secondery hubs. With the 777-300ER and A380-800.

Facts: From Wikipedia

Dubai International Airport (IATA: DXB , ICAO: OMDB ) (Arabic: مطار دبي الدولي‎) is the primary international airport serving Dubai, United Arab Emirates and is the world’s busiest airport by international passenger traffic.[4] It is also the fifth-busiest airport in the world by passenger traffic,[5] the sixth-busiest cargo airport in the world,[6] the busiest airport for Airbus A380 and Boeing 777 movements,[7] and the airport with the highest average number of passengers per flight.[8] In 2017, DXB handled 88 million passengers, 2.65 million tonnes of cargo and registered 409,493 aircraft movements.[9] In July 2019, Dubai International airport installed the largest solar energy system in the region’s airports as part of Dubai’s goal to reduce 30 percent of the city energy consumption by 2030.

I think it’s a nice airport to consider.


Was going to suggest this ;)

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I checked on the IFC, and Portugal was never featured in FNF

Frankfurt International Airport (EDDF)


Frankfurt Airport is the biggest airport in Germany and one of the biggest in Europe. It has a lot of gates and four runways. There are also several frequencies so that ATC can handle heavy traffic.
Frankfurt is Lufthansa‘s main hub with hundreds of flights each day. There are many short haul as well as long haul opportunities from or to EDDF.
After a long time, I‘d love to see EDDF featured as a FNF airport again!



Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport - YSSY

Summer Christmas Vacation! ⛱️

  • 44,443,927 passengers from Nov 2017 to Nov 2018 (Source). Not to mention this includes the #2 and #12 busiest domestic air routes in the world from the relatively close major hubs of Melbourne and Brisbane. (Source)
  • 950 daily aircraft movements as of October 2019 (Source)
  • 38th busiest airport in the world in 2016
  • #21 in Skytrax’ World Airport awards (Source)
  • Terminal 2 (Domestic) has easy access to 16L/34R which is dedicated to domestic traffic as large as the 767
  • Terminal 1 (International) has access to 16R/34L without disrupting domestic aircraft movements.
  • Runway 07/25 manages all traffic during the infrequent storm and crosswinds.
  • YSBK is very close and used for flight schools and aircraft as large as the ATR-42, so GA aircraft might fly between both airports. RAAF base YSRI is also located nearby where air fire fighting equipment besides police are located.

Why host a FNF here?

  • Sydney Airport turned 100 this November!
  • A350 destination for China Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Qatar Airways, Cathay Pacific, and since very recently, Fiji Airways! The airport has also seen the A350 XWB during Airbus’ demonstration tour.
  • This might sound a little different, but I think Sydney and Australia as a whole need a Christmas/New Year spirit boost. I’d rather not bring the whole situation up, but 2.7 million hectares of bushland around the city and state have burnt, frequently leaving us with the worst air pollution in the world and unfortunately threatening the koalas. And also we have been through some 41 degree (106 F) heat only yesterday. Completing some bushfire fighting missions in the Cessna, TBM, C-130 or DC-10 tanker might be an option.
  • As for the airport, it is the only international gateway for a population of 5.23 million.
  • I think the Oceania region deserves some love, and Sydney airport has both the domestic and international options to cater to this demand. I’m sure people would especially love to fly to the Pacific Islands that have some beautiful scenery, whether it’s Fiji, New Caledonia or Vanuatu. And pilots have the option to check out the Great Barrier Reef (one of the seven national wonders of the world) and fly to Hamilton Island in the 737, Uluru in the A320 or Lord Howe Island in the Dash 8 for maybe the first time!
  • Sydney’s isolated location and flights to every continent besides Antarctica offer some great ultra long haul flight options, including the recent Qantas Project Sunrise Research Flights from London and New York JFK.

I’m throwing in my home airport KCLT, or Charlotte/Douglas International Airport.

Runways: 4 (Only 3 are operational in IRL, but if y’all think you can land safely on a 7.5k foot runway, then make it 4.)

Air Traffic Control frequencies (is this in-game or in real time? CLT has dozens of frequencies for ATC IRL)

Specs: 4 runways, 93 parking gates.

Why CLT for the FNF? I think CLT should be used for the FNF because it has stunning views of the Appalachian Mountains due west, and there are a plethora of diversion-capable airports in the surrounding area(should an emergency diversion ever be necessary) North Carolina has not been used for an FNF (as far as I know) CLT is also capable of handling the A350-900, as we can currently handle a Lufthansa A359.


European Alps Flyout

Picture courtesy to here

Why The Alps?

As one of the most beautiful places in the earth, the Alps definitely gives a beautiful view for every pilots who are flying through it. Not to mention that Alps snowy mountains fit perfectly with having Christmas and New Year season theme. With spectacular views and big cities located around the Alps, definitely Alps-themed FNF should be featured as the last FNF in 2019

Planned Airports

This flyout will involve several big airports around the region, which are…

Main Hubs Secondary Hubs
LSZH (Zurich) LFMN (Nice)
LSGG (Geneva) LSZB (Bern)
LOWW (Vienna) LSGS (Sion)
LIMC (Milan Malpensa) LIMF (Turin)
LOWI (Innsbruck)
LFSB (Basel)
LFLB (Chambery)

More reasons to add why?

  • The main airports provided above are big airports, therefore providing many choices for people to fly from 5 different continents. Which are suitable for either long flights, medium flights or even short haul flights
  • Smaller airports in the secondary airports would offer great view for short to medium haul flights around European region. With amazing and spectacular views around these airports, there are literally no reason why you don’t want to visit these airports!
  • Many of Infinite Flight pilots live within European continent. So you can definitely ensure high attendance on this FNF
  • The choices above consist of mixture of Class Bravo and Charlie airports. So all IFATCs will have a chance to control on this FNF
  • Some of the airports offer great and stunning views, yet rarely staffed or featured in ATC Schedules, so this may be a good chance for people to try different airports around the region
  • Some of these airports also serve General Aviation planes, so those using C172s don’t need to be upset because the options are airliner-dominated airports
KDFW- Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport


I rarely see anyone flying out of this airport and it’s hundreds of routes. We really don’t show a lot of love to Texas and (since Austin isn’t big enough) I believe it’s my duty to suggest it.

This Airport serves all 6 inhabited continents and many countries. You can fly a 10 hour from London, A 16 hour from Sydney, or even a 30 minute from Austin realistically.

*Runway Information*

The airport has 7 runways, the 18-36’s are for international and UPS/ Other cargo

The 17’s are used for domestic and sometimes internationals along with FedEx Cargo

The Crosswinds are used on Crosswind conditions and when the airport gets busy for domestics

Show this huge and amazing airport sone love with a flight for everyone

Wikipedia article with all routes here:


Wow this has brought amazing attention! Now I’m being completely long-biased here. Just scrolling across the earth to find some airports, but not much detail, more just random ideas:

EBBR Brussels: Offers many long hauls, and short hauls. Has a terminal system with taxiway similar to KDEN, and enough txiways to support large quantities of traffic. Must he aware that there is no exit taxiway at the end of 07R.

LEBL Barcelona: An airport that is very underrated, yet manages to keep itself in the charts. although LEBL was featured yesterday (I forgot 🤦‍♂️), and was mainly for arriving aircraft, it would be great to see multiple Transatlantic flights from across Ameriva come to this 2 Terminal Airport.

LIRF Rome: Rome Leonardo Da Vinci Fiumincino airport is a massive airport with much more traffic than first thought. With 74 countries served, and 2541 departures recorded each week, this airport serves many European airlines and destinations.

LOWW Vienna: Vienna is one massive airport, seen as a featured airport before in the ATC Schedule, we’ve missed out on this for a long time.

LTFM Istanbul: With the addition of the new A350, this new airport is a must be for a FNF, with massive airport supports many approach patterns, and heavy arriving and departing aircraft, with an easy transition from gates to runways.

LLBG Tel Aviv: The smallest of airports so far, with not too many exits from he runways, this airport would he fun to control, as well as this being an unseen airport for a very long time. This airport serves flights all across Europe with many airlines from El Al to British Airways to Easyjet ro Transavia, to many others. Tel Aviv has a large portion of the airport dedicated to Cargo and Geberal Aviation, providing many options to a wide variety of pilots.

OOMS Muscat: Home to Oman Air, this large airport serves many routes to the Middle East, such as Doha, Dubai, Bahrain, Ridyah, and Abu Dhabi. This airport operates the Emirates A380 and the Flydubai 737-800 on a 40 minute flight to Dubai, providing many short flights with a variety of aircraft.

VRMM Male: This Maldivian airport hosts many flights across the globe, such as Dubai, Doha, Abu Dhabi, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Istanbul, Rome, London, and many more… This airport during peak time serves about 2 departures every 10-15 minutes, which for the size of this airport is full. This definitely wouldn’t support an FNF, but could be added in as a featured airport in the schedule.

VHXX Kai Tak: Probably the best and worst airport in this list. Kai Tak is Hong Kong’s previous International Airport, now being turned into apartments, docks, and parks, served many flights with the old 747’s. Kai Tak’s most famous feature is it’s approach. The approach consists of a East final across the Hong Kong bay, before a sharp right turn onto final around a mile away from landing. This depends on the approach path. I imagine many inbound will crash, so a TFR must be put in place, as well as an approach controller as active as they possible can be, and aircraft departing/arriving must be given a ‘left traffic’ or a ‘enter right base’ to the ruwnay facing the City.

ZGGG Guangzhou: This massive underatted airport in China, just North of Hong Kong, is an undeveloped airport in IF (missing a whole terminal) that serves 194 airports in 43 countries, with 4,927 weekly scheduled flights. This airport also has a massive Cargo area.

ZUCK Chonqing: This Chinese airport is once again, a massive international airport with 2 completely separate terminals. They serve 158 airports in 27 countries, with 3,297 weekly scheduled flights.

ZSNJ Nanjing: Another large Chinese airport lol. We are missing out on China ☹.

ZSAM Xiamen: Home to Xiamen Air, a rarely used aircraft in the game 😪.

America I’ll leave lol my fingers ache. I’ll ad photos later.


Dublin Airport EIDW

Information about EIDW

Dublin Airport (Irish: Aerfort Bhaile Átha Cliath ) (IATA: DUB , ICAO: EIDW ) is an international airport serving Dublin, the capital city of Ireland. It is operated by DAA (formerly Dublin Airport Authority).[5] The airport is located 7 km (4.3 mi) north[2] of Dublin, in Collinstown, near Swords, Dublin. In 2018, over 31.5 million passengers passed through the airport, making it the airport’s busiest year on record.[6] It is the 13th busiest airport in Europe, and is by far the busiest of Ireland’s airports by total passenger traffic; it also has the greatest traffic levels on the island of Ireland, followed by Belfast International Airport.

More general info

Dublin has two runways with the main one used being 28/10 and 16/34 being used in crosswind situations or if runway works are being carried out on the other runway. There is plenty of Gates to fit GA, Commercial and Cargo aircraft. The two main operators that operate out of Dublin are Ryanair and Aer lingus with many routes to chose from across their route networks.

Routes operated out of Dublin

The airport has an extensive short and medium haul network, served by an array of carriers, as well as a significant long-haul network focused on North America, the Middle East and East Asia. It serves as the headquarters of Ireland’s flag carrierAer Lingus, regional airline Stobart Air, Europe’s largest low-cost carrierRyanair, and ASL Airlines Ireland, together with another two airlines, CityJet and Norwegian Air International.[7]

Reasons why I want Dublin to be featured

  • First of all Dublin has never been featured in any FNF and I do think this airport is underrated a lot.

  • There are plenty of routes to choose from varying from Short , Regional to Long haul routes

  • This would be a big boost for EIVA to get its name out there and attract new pilots

Happy Voting :) ✈️☘️


What about if we all chose our airport like we did for thanks giving?

The Kyushu Area

The Southern tip of Japan, the area has many unique geologically and with the types of airports. I’ll go through a few notable airports briefly.

Fukuoka - The financial hub for Kyushu. It may not be in its glory anymore, but back in the day they flew to destinations like Amsterdam, London, and Portland, and many more (Unfortunately, most of the information is in Japanese, so you might need me for this research). But now, there is one seasonal flight to Helsinki. Even then, this airport is great to fly to islands like Tsushima and Goto.. It also has flights to most East Asian countries. Additionally, the airport is served by the JAL A350 so that would also be great.

Nagasaki - This Airport is not well known, but it is the world’s first fully-functional artificial island airport. It’s unique, and the airport is surrounded by a bay so you could look at a glorious scenery from every direction. It is also good for island hopping.

Kitakyushu - Short note for also being built on artificial island. Hub for StarFlyer (Not un game) but has JAL flights to Tokyo.

Kagoshima - It has wonderful scenery of Sakura Jima if you travel south.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport [ICAO: VTBS / IATA: BKK]

Welcome to Bangkok, Thailand – A Hub For Business and Tourism, A Excellent Vacation Paradise for the Holiday Season. A Place, Full of Beauty and Wonders, Somewhere to Celebrate Christmas or New Years, as December comes to an End!

สวัสดี / Hello / Bonjour / Hola! / Ciao! / Hallo / नमस्ते! / こんにちは / 你好 – May I Introduce to You…

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, Your Gateway to Thailand, Welcome!

~You, May Wonder... What's So Great About VTBS/BKK Anyways? What's So Special About This Airport?~

Why Bangkok Suvarnabhumi?

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi is the Largest Airport in Thailand. It serves as the Main Entry-Point for the vast majority of all Commercial Air-Traffic in Thailand. The Airport is equipped with a dual-runway set-up to accommodate both Takeoffs and Landings simultaneously, for continuous, flawless operation all day and all night round.

The Airport accommodates flights from 4 out of 7, World Continents, by the likes of Asia, Europe, Australia and Africa, by Airlines, such as; British Airways, Kenya Airways, Qantas, Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways, Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Air India, Aeroflot, Air France, Korean Air and many more, while also serving as the Main Hub for the National Carrier of Thailand, Thai Airways. While Traffic Density may be a highlight of the Airport’s Business, the country itself Thailand, hosts for a Great European Vacation spot. With Winter Days, the climate turns cold and dark, may Europeans seek for Asian hotspot, vacation locations, where Bangkok, is the Number #1 Tourist Destination.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi is your gateway to Thailand. ATC has multiple choices of how to configure their runway usage, and with a Beautiful View over the Gulf of Thailand, it's an Airport, worth visiting. Whether you're taking off from 19R/19L heading south over the Gulf of Thailand, flying north, towards the Himalayas or China, or westbound to flourishing India, the scenery around Bangkok is a sight to behold.

Featured Airports

Main Hubs Secondary Hubs
VTBS (Bangkok Suvarnabhumi) VTSP (Phuket)
VVTS (Ho Chi Minh City) VYYY (Yangon)
VDPP (Phnom Penh) VTSM (Koh Samui)
VTCT (Chiang Rai)
VTCC (Chiang Mai)
ZPPP (Kunming)
So, What Are You Waiting for? Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, it's where light from Friday Night Flight Arrivals will dazzle above the *"The Land of Gold"!* 🌟

Not everyone has a Cold Winter and Chilly Christmas and Holidays. Some people go away, a lot of people want to be warm. So I propose:

Punta Cana International Airport

Punta Cana is the biggest airport in the Dominican Republic with so many international and Domestic flights you had no idea existed! And I got to say wow! This airports scenery is on point! The airport is not the capital of the Dominican Republic but it is the largest in the DR.



Airlines Destinations
Aerolíneas Argentinas Buenos Aires–Ezeiza, Córdoba
Air Antilles Seasonal: Pointe-à-Pitre
Air Canada Seasonal: Halifax
Air Canada Rouge Montreal–Trudeau, Toronto–Pearson
Seasonal: Ottawa, Québec City (begins December 22, 2019)
Air Caraibes Paris–Orly
Seasonal: San Salvador
Air Europa Madrid
Air France Paris–Charles de Gaulle
Air Transat Montréal–Trudeau, Québec City, Toronto–Pearson
Seasonal: Halifax, Hamilton (ON), London (ON), Moncton, Ottawa, Vancouver, Winnipeg
American Airlines Charlotte, Miami, Philadelphia
Seasonal: Boston, Chicago–O’Hare, Dallas/Fort Worth, New York–JFK
Avianca Bogotá
Avianca Ecuador Charter: Quito
Avianca Peru Lima
Avior Airlines Caracas, Barcelona (VE)
Azores Airlines Seasonal charter: Lisbon[9]
British Airways London–Gatwick
Condor Frankfurt
Seasonal: Munich (begins 6 May 2020)[10]
Copa Airlines Panama City–Tocumen
Copa Airlines Colombia Panama City–Tocumen
Delta Air Lines Atlanta, New York–JFK
Seasonal: Boston, Detroit, Minneapolis/St. Paul
Eastern Airlines Seasonal: Montreal–Trudeau, Miami
Edelweiss Air Zürich
Eurowings Düsseldorf, Munich
Evelop Airlines Madrid
Finnair Seasonal: Helsinki
Frontier Airlines Chicago–O’Hare, Cleveland, Orlando, Philadelphia
Seasonal: St. Louis
Gol Transportes Aéreos São Paulo–Guarulhos
I-Fly Seasonal charter: Moscow–Vnukovo
IrAero Seasonal charter: Moscow–Domodedovo
JetBlue Boston, Fort Lauderdale, New York–JFK, San Juan
LATAM Chile Miami, Santiago de Chile
LATAM Perú Lima
LOT Polish Airlines Charter: Warsaw–Chopin
Magni Seasonal charter: Monterrey
Miami Air Seasonal Charter: San Juan
Nordwind Airlines Seasonal: Moscow–Sheremetyevo
Orbest Seasonal: Lisbon
Prinair Charter: Aguadilla
Rossiya Airlines Seasonal Charter: Moscow–Vnukovo
Royal Flight Seasonal charter: Moscow–Sheremetyevo
Rutaca Airlines Caracas
Servicios Aéreos Profesionales Charter: Antigua, Aruba, Barbados, Curaçao, Holguin, Pointe-à-Pitre, Port of Spain, St. Maarten, Santo Domingo–Las Américas, Varadero
Southwest Airlines Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago–Midway, Fort Lauderdale, St Louis
Seasonal: Houston–Hobby
Spirit Airlines Fort Lauderdale
Sun Country Airlines Seasonal: Dallas/Fort Worth, Minneapolis/St. Paul
Sunclass Airlines Seasonal charter: Copenhagen,[11] Stockholm–Arlanda[12]
Sunwing Airlines Montreal–Trudeau, Québec City, Toronto–Pearson
Seasonal: Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Hamilton (ON), Moncton(resumes February 8, 2020),[13] Kitchener/Waterloo, London (ON), Mont-Joli, Ottawa, Thunder Bay, Vancouver, Winnipeg
Swift Air Seasonal Charter: San Juan
TAME Charter: Quito
Travel Service Polska Seasonal charter: Warsaw–Chopin
TUI Airways London–Gatwick, Manchester

Seasonal: Birmingham
Seasonal charter: Copenhagen, Stockholm–Arlanda|
|TUI fly Belgium|Brussels|
|TUI fly Netherlands|Amsterdam
Seasonal charter: Katowice, Poznań, Warsaw–Chopin|
|Turpial Airlines|Valencia (VE)|
|United Airlines|Houston–Intercontinental, Newark
Seasonal: Chicago–O’Hare, Washington–Dulles|
|Wamos Air|Madrid|
Seasonal: Calgary|
|World Atlantic Airlines|Seasonal Charter: San Juan|
|Xtra Airways|Seasonal Charter: San Juan|

I hope this airport gets picked because it has some real potential!



ZBAD - Beijing Daxing International Airport (Starfish)

The brand new airport is perfect for a holiday FNF. It is the second international airport of the chinese capital, Beijing.

What a better way to get to know China than while on vacation! For this, this country rich in cultural diversity opens its doors wide with a gigantic, ZBAD - Beijing Daxing International Airport with huge runways and large capacity for cargo and passenger aircrafts. If runways are used with south-to-north flow you will have the maximum efficiency of operations at this airport with 4 runways being used for simultaneous arrivals if heavy traffic requires it. The editors did a great job at this airport getting it ready in Infinite Flight (including with all of their available frequencies).

Whether on an ultra-long haul flight from the Western or short haul connecting the rest of China it will be a fun Friday as the location of ZBAD airport guarantees connections to secondary HUBs such as Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei and others.

Looking forward to making the most of this great airport that has not yet been given his attention by the community. So come on! Starfish time has come. Vote for it!