Community Challenges?

What do y’all think about having a thread with weekly community challenges?

Example: “On Free Flight Server or SOLO—Take-off Runway X at Airport Y in A320. Climb as fast as possible to 2300 MSL and then dive back down and land on the same runway…as fast as possible”

Everybody posts their “scores/times” and everybody ignores SOP’s and regulations. Just for fun.


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Really cool idea. This is only on Free Flight Server, right? What if people fake their scores?

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Good point, I guess that it really depends on the honesty of the members. As much fun as it is to win, I think people would also just enjoy taking on the weekly challenges.

If they want I guess they could post a link to a youtube video of their flight?

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Don’t get me wrong, this is a great little concept. But I don’t think there is enough time to watch every video. Im pretty sure you will think of something.

😂 funny idea I like that climb so fast As possible and land then on the same runway I am going to try it

I was doing it yesterday in an ERJ. Take off runway 24, climb like crazy, then cut engines, hard left rudder and dive bomb runway 06. pretty fun, but its difficult to keep your speed low enough to still land, after diving 2000 feet.

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