Community Built Device Compatibility List


Oh just wondering, I might get it after my LG K20 plus because I wouldn’t recommend this one to anybody. To run IF smoothly you need to have everything in low. Even like that, busy airports may give you a lot of lag.


The OnePlus 5T is the king of speed in the phone-industry. Very good specs and performance, it can run IF very smoothly.


The thread still needs updating, is anyone able to make it a wiki?


It is a wiki though ;)


Oh ok… I’ll eat my words…


S9+ is really smooth on high settings


@Lachlan_s, be more specific. List down the settings you use and whether it overheats or anything.


Iphone 8

Operating system: IOS 11.3
Rendering Quality: High
Texture Quality: High
Rendering Resolution: High
Anti-Aliasing: On
Limit Frame Rate: Off
Airplane Count: Very High


Could you compare to a S8+ ?


Both of them run IF smoothly and since both do support 60Hz you will have 60fps on both (on heavy traffic the S8+ will start to lag when you play at 1440p, probably the same on the S9+ because the processor was mainly upgraded to get these amazing shots on the camera, so no big performance differences. I will skip the S9/+ since the Galaxy S10 will probably have 90-100% display and it will have a 7nm processor)


Yep, I have the S7 Edge and plan to upgrade to the S8+


No sorry. The best I can do is samsung S7


Can any device handle a busy airport (50 plus) with visible aircraft both in close proximity and far away. I’m curious how Laura posts those pictures on instagram with all queuing and parked aircraft visible.


I’m pretty sure it’s impossible with the non-dev version of the game.
You can set the Aircraft Count at Very High, and you can see quite a few aircraft. Maybe at 10. But not 50.
Your best bet (on iOS, at least) would be a iPad Pro.


As @AIDoLS said, gonna be tricky. For android, you want either a Google Pixel or a s9. But it’s very rare you’ll be flying into such a busy airport, besides, I don’t think the app will display 50 aircraft…


Yea, there’s no option in the app to display 50 aircraft. Very High aircraft count (for me, at least) will at MOST display 15 aircraft. Probably more around 10.


Samsung Galaxy S9+
Operating System: Android 8.0
Rendering Quality: High
Texture Quality: High
Anti-Aliasing: On
Limit framerate: Off
Airplane count: Very High
Low power mode: On
Notes: On long flights it gets warm. Still comfortable to hold though


Could a regular please add the following devices to the list?


Why can’t I get it on my iPad Mini 2?


Device: IPhone 6

Operating system: IOS11.0.2

Rendering Quality: Medium

Rendering Resolution: Medium

Texture quality: Medium

Anti-Aliasing: Off

Limit framerate: On

Airplane count: Medium

Low-power mode: On

Notes: I did one flight with this device it lags occasionally but i found out to reduce the lag the most that these settings were the best for the device. i personally do not use this device I use the iPhone8 but for anyone who does try these out and hopefully they will work great for you