Community App

It would be good if Infinite Flight members open an new of Infinite Flight Community App in IOS and Android


If only…


I agree. It would be pretty cool

This is a duplicate thread. By the way, if you bookmark the tab of the IF community, you can add it to your home screen. This works for Apple and Android

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What I did is go to the website on my phone through Google Chrome. Then, I clicked the “add to home screen” button in the menu drop down.

Now I can easily access IFC with just one click. :)


I’m on here so much, I just have to go into google, click the letter I, and it comes up 😂


Yeah, I’ve added it to home screen too on both my Android and IOS devices.


Thank you Everyone helped me!!!


But yeah, it would be cool if it had it’s own app. I have to say.

Np. It’s what the IFC is for 🙃

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The second reply literally says that there is an app for IFC

@DeerCrusher Can we get some help here? lol

It’s basically an internet browser that shortcuts the links

I mainly think he was asking for a stand alone app for IFC.

Yes, he was.

That’s the app… all you have to do is open it, and press another button and then you’re here. Pretty simple?
Also, this is discourse, it is not made by Infinite Flight so…


What’s your point?

You can’t make an app for IFC… as there already is

We’re talking about a dedicated app for IFC I thought…

I do agree with what you’re talking about.

But, I think he meant a stand alone app, as the discourse app only gives a shortcut to the app.

Saving it to your home screen let’s you get to it in one click, and there is no omnibar at the top, so it actually feels like an app.


It’s still not an app, but it certainly does feel like one if you use this method.
Using this method makes it look more clean and clutter free.