Community Aircraft Vote?

Hey guys.

I have a really quick question and then this can be closed.

I would like to know if a community aircraft vote is in the plans. I don’t exactly need to know when or anything, but I would like to know if it is coming.

A staff member response would be awesome if possible.

That is all. Thanks!

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Answer is in here as said by Jason. They won’t be hosting it for every aircraft so I wouldn’t expect one any time soon in my opinion. :)

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I’m sure they would inform you when the time has come. But seeing that we’re still in the middle of development on one update, it might be a little while before we can expect something like that.

Good resource linked by @infiniteflight_17. Forgot all about that one. Thanks buddy!


Thank you! That makes sense. Just wanted to know if one was in the works.

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Knowing it only takes a few minutes to make a topic, I think it would be safe to say that one is not in the works for the time being. But that can always change.


Sounds good, thanks! This can be closed now.

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