Communications with atc members at one airport.

Hi there, when i’m controlling at any airport I always want to know wich runways we use to land and wich to take off or any different cause. Is it possible to have communication with different controllers at same airport? I think have communication with approach is important when airports are busy.

On training server there really isn’t any way to do so, unless you know and are talking to the radar controller. On expert server, controller coordinate between tower, ground, and radar for these type of things.


Ok thanks.

There is one but only if you are in expert and if the airport is active. It is called ATIS this gives you all the information you need like which runways are for takeoff and which ones are for landing, also it gives you the METAR.

Hope this information is helpful.


ATIS only automatically provides the METAR. The controller still needs to choose the runways that are in use, and any other NOTAMS.

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