Communications Error with LOS ANGELES CENTER

Flying into LAX right now aboard “FedEx 442 Heavy” had an issue with contacting “LOS ANGELES CENTER” at approximately “21:00 ZULU Time(SIM)” controlled by “ButterAllDay” I checked in after transferring from Vegas Departure. After a few minutes with no response Center contacted me requesting I check in. So I did, only to go another minute to receive another check in request from center. I then proceeded to give 2 more check ins that seemed to not be getting through. I eventually got through after a few minutes of this and had no further problems, but I just wanted to let the community know of my experience and see if anyone else had this same issue.

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I’m sorry you had this experience. In future, please PM the controller you were having issues with rather than posting a topic about it. @Cooper was the controller at that time and you can sort it out with him via private message.

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Hi there! I was your controller. I had on guarded you as I saw you were on the wrong center frequency. I had a huge workload so I’m sorry if you had a delayed response, but I’m glad that the rest of your experience was good. Sometimes, messages don’t go through as I always make sure to answer every message. It might’ve been a technical issue. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to DM me.


I’ve been noticing that aircraft will call in, but it won’t register for the ATC for a while, and with that comes ATC one way heard comms (an ex. Center contacting or giving instructions to an aircraft with no aural/ textual response from the aircraft for at least 5 mins). It might be a bug, and I apologize to @Snakes-Aboard that you didn’t have a perfect transition to the correct center. Hopefully these things can be rectified in future updates and help further bridge the gap between ATC and pilots!