Communication with central control ATC during long haul flights

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I am quite new in IF. IF in 20.1 introduced center control frequency. Right now I am using a training server, where the change of ATC is quite chaotic, so the person in charge of the ATC zone can change a few times during the flight following in one particular zone. I had a situation when I have made “check-in” in the central control zone, got commands from ATC, and follow them. After 10 minutes ATC person in charge changed and I got a warning message. During long haul flights, it was previously possible to do other things (sleep, for example, go shopping, etc) meanwhile your plane is on autopilot with predefined flight plan. So of my friends have been flying during night time ( take off before going to bed, stand up a few hours before landing and land). And I think that it is possible right now to be ghosted and reported if you move somewhere from your pad during the flight.

How are you dealing with long haul flights with 20.1? For example, how to perform 17 h flights from Sydney to London? What about situation with long haul flights at the Expert server?

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When leaving your device you will be recognised as not active, and when passing center airspace you won’t be given commands, not risk being ghosted.

I also would like to recommend you to have a look at the IF Guide linked below for more information:


You will not be bothered by ATC if you are away while cruising. Just don’t use a FL thats not a multiple of 10 (obviously). I have also been told NOT to use Chinese RSVM when under ATC control.


Hey! I would checkout this topic. You don’t need to be with Center the whole time.


Okay! Thank you! That’s clear!

You have to be with Center but you don’t have to be active*

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Thank you, I will check it again.

I just was a worry because at the training server I usually got warnings (“You are in active airspace…”) from center ATC during flight at cruise. Even I am not touching my device for certain amount of time.

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Ah, I understand, but that’s not going to happen on Expert Server, so don’t worry about that one!
No problem!


You need to tune into Center at Cruise.

It will.

If you’re away from your device and enter center airspace as an overflight, you’ll be on guarded? And will have to tune in?

If Center is open we own surface to FL600, it’s not departure where you leave us, you stay with us the entire flight when you are in our Sector. You will be on guarded at least once when you’re active.

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Yeah, I know. But I understood the question as departure outside if active air space, reaching cruise outside of active airspace and after an hour or two away from the device you PDS center airspace en-Route for a destination way behind the active airspace.

Please correct me if I am wrong and apologies for all the confusion, but you wouldn’t be on-guarded in this case, would you?

We will likely be open throughout your entire flight, multiple Center controllers can control one FIR sector to cover the entire sector. One controller’s emitter radius is 270nms. Most sectors are small enough for one controller but some are larger, like London FIR which is 420nms long.

If you are between surface to FL600 you will need to tune into Center. You can leave your device but just tune in so we can monitor in case you are active and we can deconflict.

You’d be surprised how many people are active at Cruise, especially during short flights. If you need to go away, just leave your device and we’ll leave you alone but you should be tuned in. You do not need a frequency change to leave your device. We will not report you for anything when you are away if you are at cruise.


All right, thank you very much for all the replies!

Yeah, that’s actually me most of the times too. Thanks once again!

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Believe me, it’s really weird for us as well to grasp but to deconflict you with the hundreds of other aircraft inbound to the hubs, controllers need to be proactive to create spacing at Cruise rather then figuring it out during descent. That is one reason. We really don’t do a whole lot but Center’s role is very important now with STARs.

Giving approach terrible spacing is like clearing aircraft on top of each other on final and thinking Tower can fix it somehow.


What do you mean?

For example, I am flying over Atlantic (4 hours after takeoff from JFK), at this time I have gone away 3 hours ago to sleep, then there is a central ATC become available, so I am not able to tune into Center.

Not over the ocean, but once you are at say Shannon FIR you can tune in.

I think what he’s trying to get is IF he goes to sleep while there is no active centre frequency but then somebody logs onto a centre frequency he’s flying through WHILE he’s asleep so he CAN’T tune in.

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That’s perfectly fine if he can’t tune in. He may be on guarded once and only once, but we will completely leave you be. Even if you conflict with other aircraft we are not allowed to report you if you are away.


Yeah. I think that’s what the OP was just trying to clarify :)