Communication with atc for diversion

If I am 5th in line to landing and notice that my fuel is dangerously low and decide to divert to an alternate airport, what message should I send to atc?

Just send “emergency fuel” under emergency requests, and the ATC will give you priority.


What is that? Never heard of it

It comes up with I believe 3 minutes or less of fuel remaining

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Cool! Never heard of it!

Actually it’s 3% remaining, and you have to be flying for at least an hour

Now you have😀😀👏👏

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Ok, thanks for the informattion

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But I’ve done it on a 30 minute flight from KSAN to KLAX

To divert, adjust your flight plan and request flight following to your new destination


If there’s no approach, the request departure (if I’m not mistaken…)


Yep, request departure


20-30 minutes i belive

Thanks for the information people

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