Communication with ATC and Unicom diagram

Very interesting charts and well done!
The one question I have that isn’t addressed in the chart is: what do I do when an aircraft that just landed on its tail spins off the runway towards me? Do I:
A) Remember KNUC and be grateful it’s gone
B) Apply TOGA on the taxiway to get out of its way
C) Rage quit and go spawn at a different airport

kidding obviously


@Captain_Zen when you say you’d have to pay, is that to make it into PDF or you have the PDF and you would have to pay to send it?

It’s that I’d have to pay to send it unfortunately.

There’s no problem Casper will come and he’ll be gone before you know it😉👻. Unless he quits before that anyway which is most of the time

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First I’m really sorry for the late reply I did not see your comment…😬 @SAMMY_DROUBI

I don’t really know what you mean by features… do you mean like having it directly in the app. If so there isn’t really need as you can simply use split view with the photos app. (As I sent a picture above)

For the time it took it was mainly writing the problem. (I’m a bit slow) so in total maybe 2 or 3 hours…

As for the topic I did hesitate to put it in #tutorials but since it’s really just a reminder and everything that’s written is already in alll of the tutorials.

Thanks for appreciating my work😀

I mean putting it in This so that community members can vote for it. I would, and I’m sure many others would, vote for this and the features category is a great way to spread ideas. 😊

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But what would the feature be…?

Would it be having it in the app?

Yes. It is a category where us, the players of the game, can vote for a new mechanism, feature, to be in the app and that is why it is a features category
Read this for more Features category

In your case, the feature would be adding in your diagram

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I know what the feature category is… otherwise I wouldn’t be regular 😉

Anyway you don’t really need to add it in the app since you can already have it on the side in a pretty handy way…I might consider making a topic if I see people would like it though

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I seem to have misunderstood this sentence :P
My bad

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This is really useful to everyone (regardless of experience). Just one thing: according to latest tutorial by @Mark_Denton on visual approach when you’re transferred to tower after clearance you should say inbound on the visual rwXX (and not reporting position as you say here).



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Thanks for spotting the mistake! I actually put VIS but it’s on the wrong box. There’s no need for a pattern entry. Thanks

Edit. I also forgot to put FF…

This will be useful to pilots and ATC could you use this to make sure pilots are following the list properly. Love the fact they are really compliacted 😂 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

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What do you mean by really complicated? Is there a specific section that I could simplify? I was trying to stay simple enough for new pilots…

Well as IFATC and any other IFATC we don’t need the list we already know the procedures 😉

I was being sarcastic!!! 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

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Thanks for this diagram. It’s very useful and you can control if you know all the sequence of communication. Really appreciated.

As I am here, I’m still not sure what “check in” stands for. If anyone could help in a few words I’d be grateful.

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Check in is used when you come from a radar controller and change. Like you’re centre and he hands you to approach. You then just check in and you can continue until he gives you more vectors. The other possibility (most of the time) is when you just took of and tower sends you to dep/app. You just check in and you can proceed on course unless told otherwise.

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