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I am a student pilot in real life and in my training I’m just now getting to the point of communications and I’m not struggling at all with the talking part but with the listening part I can barely under stand anything like if I hear “Zanesville traffic, N704FN on left downwind for runway 22” by the time I hear it and my brain processes what I heard I remember it as " …downwind…runway 22" and it’s not just in the air I have this issue like if I listen to an ATC on it happens too! Should I see a doctor about this or is this normal for students?


I am going to bluntly say that this is not exactly the place for medical advice. But if you think that is it is a problem and could be hindering your ability to safely pilot the aircraft, I would recommend you see your AME.


Yeah I know it’s not really the place for medical advice but I honestly had no idea what to do. But I think I will go see my AME about it soon if I don’t start improving my listening just to be safe! Thanks for the help! :)

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I know when I first started flight training ATC communications seemed like a whole other language to me. One thing I suggest you do is keep listing to LiveATC, the more you listen to it the better you will understand it. Also regarding other pilots radio calls, (depending on the type of airport) while it is good to listen to what other pilots are saying, and being aware of your surroundings, really all you need to listen to are the ATC commands if you are unsure what ATC is telling you ask them, the. Now if you are at an uncontrolled airport that is another story, for those types of airports listen for three things: the type of aircraft, where the aircraft is, and what are the going to do. As for the medical aspect, I don’t think you have a hearing problem just maybe a little overwhelmed. Hoped this helped!


I had a similar issue early on. There’s a lot of information coming your way and sometimes it can be tricky to process everything quickly. You can remedy this by practicing frequently. Like the other guys suggested, listen to Live ATC as much as possible. Immerse yourself in the audio so that your brain can become more familiar with it. Do you have one of those large posters of your training aircraft that you can put on your wall? I recommend chair flying with someone calling out ATC messages to you so that you can practice listening and responding while outside of the aircraft. Practice, practice, practice. This isn’t medical advice, if you’re truly concerned about a disability then your AME is where you should go.


TBH, I think that there’s a huuuge difference between LiveATC and when you’re on a real plane. When you’re on the command of your plane, trust me or not, you’ll understand everything correctly. I think that the quality of the communications is much better on the plane than in LiveATC, but that’s my opinion ;-)


Sometimes when you are flying you won’t understand anything at all, especially when you are just beginning. And it doesn’t help if someone has a scratchy mic. The quality of the audio is much better than LiveATC but that is because when you are in a plane you are much higher then when you are siting in your house. This allows for the antenna to reach the frequency better and with less interferences.


This helped a lot! Thank you!

Good! Glad I could help!

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