Communication to ATC


Here’s a story and maybe for the next update we could get a new message between pilot and ATC:

I was waiting lfor take off at KORD, and in the meantime, I was setting up the ALT on the autopilot. I did not see that I activated the speed at 2 knots. When I was cleared for take off, I couldn’t! I thought it was my iPad, I was so mad!, and I knew there was traffic behind me, so I was saying “I’m sorry” to try to alert the ATC that I was having computer issues. Then I realized what happened, I deactivated the AP speed and took off, but I think I was ghosted! I think we need a message saying something like: “I’m having problems”.


Yeah good idea


“Stand by” is the command used when the controller gives you instructions and you need more time.


I understand its an innocent situation which can happen to all…“standby” is the best option so tht if there is traffic on approach , and the controller sees tht u wont have the time to takeoff he will cancell the TO clearence


Thanks to everybody that replied. I did used “stand by”, but I guess the ATC did not understand why I needed more time.