Communication problems with ATC

I’m having weird things these days. The network was cut off for a while and came back. But I can’t hear ATC talking. I can see airplanes around, and the control window is active. I don’t know why this is happening

Controller screen

My screen

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Do you hear any other sounds like engine sounds etc.?

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  • Do you hear any other sound like the engines or something like that?

  • From when are you experiencing that?

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I can hear your engine sound well

This has happened recently

If you can hear the engine sounds but not the ATC voice try following:
Open your settings → select Live → reselect the pilot voice by clicking on it and then selecting any voice you wish

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I mean, the instructions to the ATC don’t come to me.

Try by cleaning the Cache or reinstalling the sim

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The scenery cache has absolutely nothing to do with the audio, and reinstalling the application is a last resort. “Clear the cache” isn’t the answer to everything.

@BAK_UOV have you recieved any calls/messages that may have taken up your entire screen? If so, try exiting your app and then coming back.


Thank you! But I’m still anxious. Messages from ATC don’t appear to me

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