Communication problems when ATC session longe then 60

I have a problem with receiving requests from planes when sessions longer than ~60 minutes. It was happening for the last 3 or 4 GTS sessions at different airports. After 60+ minutes from the beginning, I don’t receive or receive with long delay requests from the aircrafts at Ground and Tower frequencies. I was try to restart my device before session, but it doesn’t helps. The network connection is good and stable (Wi-FI).
Device: IPad Pro 11 512Gb, IOS 14, yesterday before the session has updated for 15 version

I have the same problem… This usually happens when there is a lot of traffic. This makes IFATC very annoying… I hope this problem is fixed soon🙂

Sometimes with a lot of traffic and lack internet. Restart or turn on & off airplane mode can solve the issue

Just to help reproduce it, do you see any weirdness happening on the map as well or is it just the command delay?

I switched airplane mode and it worked.

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Ahh nice…!

I didn’t had this problem when I was controlling an airport with some traffic maybe, as you’ve mention is only when you’ve a lot of traffic.

Have you tried again a long session more than 60 minutes and in an airport busy like when is FNF or featured airport hubs ?

Let me know and I can also see what happened when I do one ;)

I did have the same problem controlling at OTHH yesterday evening. I split local with another controller and the problem was, that some of the planes remain at ground frequency though they were already handed of to tower. The solution was: I did tap all planes one by one and tried to see which of them already switched to tower frequency. This procedure with heavy load of traffic and split frequencies was a mess. I only experienced it once at an hub airport with heavy traffic.

I was controlling EGLL today for more than 2 hours. A good trafic was present. The problem repeated itself: I had to turn on airplane mode three times.
Before it appears, the planes on the map begin to change their position unnaturally - too quickly or in the wrong direction in which they were originally moving. After that, some planes ended up on a different frequency than they were before. For example, an airplane that has just airborne was on ground frequency

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