Communication Issue

Hey everybody, I just flew out of Calgary, I lost all ATC comms, I get the readback on my screen but I dont here anything out of my speaker. I dont know what to do at this point to continue to Winnipeg?

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Hey @Patria

Could you tell us what device you own and what OS it’s equipped with?

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Hi, yes. I am using an Apple Ipad 6 2018 and it has the latest 12.1 software.

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Has this happened before, or has this happened only now?

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Yes, just to clarify, this has happened a few times before only on my IOS device (I use android to).

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To clarify, have you tried:

  • Restarting the app

  • Deleting then Re-installing IF

  • Restarting your Device

Also, please make sure you have TTS (text-to-speech) enabled. Not exactly sure where it is located in your device, but it’s usually Settings —> General.

I also use bluetooth and shut it off sometimes inbetween my flight so the audio switches to my speaker and back and I think that this could have to do with it, I use bluetooth for voice commands (IF-A).

This time around when I turned bluetooth back on for takoff I lost audio for ATC.

I’m going to go ahead and land because now bluetooth is not working at all with infinite flight, it says it is connected but no audio goes through at this time. That has never happened before.

That might be the problem. It’s best to turn Bluetooth off during flights.

Settings > Bluetooth and turn off Bluetooth.

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Ok, I have this same issue. What happens is bluetooth connects the microphone to IF-A but not your actual device sound. SO the fix to it is to close IF-A and then connect bluetooth again.

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Aha! Thank you so much for that information @turtlecults!

Thank you also @anon7075715 for your help. This topic is concluded 😀

@Patria No problem bro. It took me forever to figure that out myself.

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