Communication issue with ATC

Hello there.

I just encountered a strange issue when communicating with ATC.

I was at EGLL and on ground it was all good, air traffic controller @Nick_Wing first and then @Yuzhe, could issue me pushback and taxi clearance.

When I tuned into tower frequency, I requested takeoff clearance but the ATC couldn’t hear me as my aircraft did not appear to him on tower frequency. In the meantime I was able to hear all the communications happening on tower frequency but Yuzhe still couldn’t issue me a takeoff clearance.

I got permission to takeoff from him privately since there was no traffic around, to see if the same issue occurred on approach frequency. Controlled by @IFATCLee3440.

It appeared that the same issue I had on tower’s frequency, occurred on approach frequency. I checked in but the controller couldn’t hear nor communicate with me.

Down below there are the screenshots from the flight, in my prospective (as pilot) and ATC.

Please note that the issue occurred after an app restart.

Callsign: N1EC
Display name: Edoardo_C
Device: iPad 7th gen. iOS 14.3.

Thanks in advance.


Anyone able to try to find out what happened?

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Are you on the latest version of Infinite Flight? Try updating if you aren’t and see if it works.

And this probably wont work but you are not on the latest iOS version. The latest iOS is 14.4.2

Yes I am.

This issue didn’t occur until yesterday, whilst still having 14.3 iOS version.

I think it might be a connection issue then, if it happens again then it might be a concern. And to confirm this is the first time it’s happened right?

So this is still happening or was it this one time?

I can almost be sure that it is not my connection since the ATC could see me on their screen.

It is indeed the first time it happened to me but it also occurred when I tried again after restarting the app.

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Hmm that’s strange, when that used to happen to me a restart solved it. I am not sure how to solve this problem then

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i’m not sure whether this will work but try deleting infinite flight then re-download it

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I would try this but unfortunately I can’t as deleting IF will delete my replays and some are needed for 7 days in case of a report appeal process.

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You could try saving them?

yeah, you could save it in the files app (IOS)

so after you delete and re-download the app, import the replays back.

You can also use that

I will try it, thanks!

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I believe i had the same issue yesterday open as EGCC tower. image

As you can see, the aircraft was constantly trying to contact me however they did not show up on frequency or flash on my strip. It was only when i clicked on the aircraft multiple times that it eventually shown on frequency.

This also happened on Madrid radar the other day.


The issue seems solved after I re-installed the app.

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That’s good! Did you save your replays and import it?

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Yes I did!