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When in a flight I get “Your in a active airspace, contact approach on freq #xxx.xx” I go look and the freq is not listed. I then click on the airport ID and it shows several ATC controllers and there is a tune button, however this tune button does not work. How does this work? I usually fly on the training servers.

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Hi! Was this on Training or Expert?

The controller’s station seems to be too far away for you to contact. If this was on Training, don’t worry about it - they probably are learning themselves too


Training server

Yeah - then the controller seems inexperienced and doesn’t realise that you’re too far away for you to tune to their station. It happens on the Training Server, some controllers on there get a little over-enthusiastic.

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I would just like to know if the tune buttons work or not. I have never been able to use them

If the TUNE button is in grey it means you are too far and cannot tune in
If its white it means you can tune into the frequency and you can just tap it and it will instantly tune you in

Training Server consists of not tested, inexperienced controllers. Clearly, you have witnessed an example of their inexperience in controlling. I suggest hopping on Expert Server if you have access to it. You can expect a lot of these types of errors on Training Server since after all, it is “Training” Server. If you have any questions just shoot a message here with my tag and I will happily answer and questions you have.


Also do look at the user guide before you fly in expert it will serve you well :)

If you read the Infinite Flight User Guide , then that should help you prepare for the Expert Server. It teaches you how to interact with ATC, how to fly professionally, and more important information.

As always, if you have any questions feel free to tag me here.


(You can also find the user guide on the menu bar at the top of the Infinite Flight Community page)

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